Yoga and Sport for Refugees

Help us offering well being to refugees by using yoga & sports. Finding inner peace, building positive energy is a must to start a new life.

Visuel du projet Yoga and Sport for Refugees
Date de fin
5 023 €
Sur 5 000 €
100 %
Lucien-Jean1657 jours

Encore un ultime effort pour le succès du projet humanitaire

Devi-Michal1660 jours

<3 <3 <3 I would love to come share some Yoga, dance and music this summer! Thanks for all you do all of you! <3 <3 <3

Assaf-Antal1670 jours

Good luck with this wonderful project Natalie ! Assaf&Anati

Hermahs1688 jours

Great job Natalie, the world has just become a better place.