A fleur de rue, stand de desserts ambulant

In the streets of New-Zealand, discover a mobile stall decorated with thousands of colors which propose everyday a new homemade organic dessert !

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A fleur de rue, stand de desserts ambulant

A fleur de rue ?


The street's flower is the weed which grows through the asphalt of the streets. The aim of this project is to talk about the street in a different way in order to reveal what can't be seen by the city-dwellers.It is an invitation to wander, to take a close look at the details of the street, to discover for example, a stall with thousands of colors between plants and artistic créations, with delicious homemade organic desserts and lemonades !




The recipes


A new dessert will be proposed everyday, along with its recipe printed on a small card :






small extra creations : during special events or week-ends, various extras could be sold on the stall, for example, homemade jam, hot chocolate preparation, drawings, etc.


The stall will be in the south island of New-Zealand, in the streets of Nelson, in the city market and in neighbouring events :





Who are we ?


Chloé and Alexis, we are going to New Zealand with something in mind : to build a stall with our own hand, decorate it in order to sell homemade desserts. We know nothing (Jon Snow) about building stuff but we want to come back toward the 'homemade' and have new experiences. So we are embarking on the adventure of A fleur de rue !

Waar dient de collecte voor

In order to start our project, we need your donations for an amount of 3 400 euros.




This amount includes :

- licence which allows us to sell food in the public space = 75 euros

- building of the stall = 300 euros

- decoration with plants and customised flags = 150 euros

- kitchen utensils = 350 euros

-  supplies = 100 euros

- visual identity = 400 euros

- raw materials (about 50 euros a day) = 1 500 euros

- printing (the recipes of the first month, the calling cards) = 300 euros

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