Bloody Skulls : Mission Cléopâtre - Un match de roller derby au Caire

Help the Bloody Skulls and the Cairollers to organise the first French-Egyptian bout in the history of roller derby !

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Bloody Skulls : Mission Cléopâtre - Un match de roller derby au Caire

A little more than one year ago, one of our skaters, Kouign Karnage, had the chance to train with the only roller derby team in Egypt, the Cairollers. When she was there she realised how difficult it was for those young women to follow their passion: high cost of the equipment, difficulties in finding places for their training sessions... But also dealing with prejudices and the disapproval of people around them, in a very conservative society. The result is, in 4 years of existence the Cairollers never had the chance to play an official match!




Since then, a crazy idea started growing among the Bloody Skulls… What if we all go to Cairo to play the first Arab-European match in the history of roller derby? This crazy idea will become reality on the 15th of April 2017. Thanks to you!


Roller Derby: sport and solidarity




This bout will be above all a moment of sharing and solidarity, in the pure roller derby spirit! Since its creation, the Marseille Roller Derby Club has benefited from the help of other clubs in France (Amazones from Aix en Provence, Baywitch Project from Nice, DCCLM from Montpellier...)

Now it’s our turn to help! The Cairollers, because of their isolation, don’t have the chance to count on other clubs in the cities nearby. That’s why, besides the bout, we want to participate to one of their training sessions to share our knowledge. Also, one of our referees will be with us to train some players in refereeing, which will allow the Cairollers to organise their future events without help from outside.




On request of the Egyptian players, we’ll also organise a collection of materials among French skaters. As the economic situation has significantly deteriorated in the last months, the purchasing costs of roller derby equipment doubled. A pair of skates is equivalent to two average monthly salaries!


A bout... and a documentary film!


In short, it will be a journey full of meetings and exchanges that will be immortalized by Kouign Karnage in a documentary… We’ll invite you to discover it as soon as it’s ready :-)


Waar dient de collecte voor

Our club works without grants. Our members’ personal means allow us to develop our projects. We also get some income selling our merchandising (tee-shirts, stickers) and from the organisation of one match at home each year. Nevertheless, the Bloody Skulls generally pay out of their pocket when they play in championship bouts.

That’s why, for the first time, the MRDC appeals to your generosity in order to finance this sports and solidarity project, which is really important for us.





A complete roller derby team of 14 players and our coach will join in the journey. On request of the Cairollers, there will also be 5 referees with us, for the match and the refereeing training.


So, in total we have to make 20 people fly to Cairo. Here is the budget we established:

Plane tickets: 7000 euros

Visas: 500 euros

Accommodation in youth hostel: 500 euros

Transportations and expenses on site: 1000 euros

That means a total amount of 9000 euros. We asked some private firms to help us finance the project through sponsoring.


We appeal to your generosity to help finance the plane tickets. Each skater/referee will participate of up to 150 euros. We still have 4000 euros to find!




The goal is 4000 euros… and 200 participants!

To thank you, we prepared some nice rewards. You will also participate to the development of roller derby in Egypt: for each contribution, we’ll send 1€ to the Cairollers, to help them finance the renting of the Cairo Stadium, where the bout will take place. The cost is 200€, a considerable amount in Egypt.





What if we exceed?

Beyond 4000 euros, you will help us to finance the costs of the rewards and Kiss Kiss, which will be around 1000 euros.


5000 euros the rewards are paid. The rest will allow us to pay for the visas and the accommodation.


More than 200 participants: you will help the Cairollers to pay for the renting of the gymnasium for their training sessions.

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[ Look Hellbow Skating ] A nice pair of socks offered by our sponsor to be the fastest skater on the track! 1 euro donated to the Cairollers + a pair of socks Hellbow Skating + stickers + photo
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Geschatte levering: mei 2017

[ Look Hellbow Skating ] An unicorn tee-shirt offered by our sponsor Hellbow Skating. 1 euro donated to the Cairollers + Tee-shirt (according on size availability) + invitation for private projection + Stickers + Photo
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