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Stolen equipment

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Good. Where do we start?
What is this campaign?

Hello, so I'm Julien, and recently I had most of my equipment stolen, about 15.000 euros (yes, I know, that's a lot), used to do my job.

The list:
Sony a9 ii // 16-35mm f/2.8 // 70-200mm f/2.8 // MacbookPro 13" // GoPro, accessories, batteries, SD cards and hard disks (+ backup disks that burned, at the same time, yes ...)

So yes, I know, it's only material, and some memories of this year that are lost.
But what's embarrassing is that it's equipment that I had mostly invested at the beginning of the year, for projects that have been cancelled. And in terms of insurance, to sum up, after having tried everything, I am getting nothing, nada.

So today, I know that the situation is complicated for a lot of people. And personally, I'm not a fan of the "crowdfunding" system, particularly in the actual period.

But after a lot of thought, after having exhausted other solutions, and after having been advised to do so by a lot of people close to me, I'm going to start here.

Not wanting to just ask for money, I decided to set up counterparts, based on your donations (details below).

So, for all those who will be willing to help me, to support me, to participate in the renewal of this material, today essential to continue my professional activity, I would like to say thank you.
Thank you very much.

But who am I in fact?

Small bio / timeline / about-me.

Self-taught, I got my first camera in 2012. At the beginning it was mostly to take pictures of my friends during our trainings, then in 2015, I really started working.

For two years, I was a drone teleoperator on TV shows, and then I went on to work on my first events as a photographer or videographer, before arriving today to work with clients such as Red Bull, Le Grand Rex or the International Olympic Committee, as well as several artists, athletes and top-level sportsmen and women.

Involved in the parkour community, I am also contributing to the development of the only magazine on parkour culture (MÜVMAG). (And you can even get print or digital versions in return ;) )

And if I give, what happens next?

First, on this page, in the "news" section, I will update you on the preparation of the prints, the dates and places of the workshops, etc...
Then, don't make a mistake in your email, I don't spam, but it will be used to 1) thank you personally, and 2) keep you informed more personally of your counterpart.

Waar dient de collecte voor

<info!> The counterparts concerning workshops being only in France, they will not appear in the "English" version of the fundraising.

For the courses, meetings and shootings, travel is possible as long as expenses are covered</info!>


What's the money for?

The collection will be used to get back some photo equipment, depending on the levels reached.
Aware of the amount that this represents, and of the current situation, my goal is not to repurchase the same equipment, but at least a camera body, a wide angle, a telephoto lens, with one or two gopros. Since I still have some equipment left, quite specific (drones, waterproof housings, camera "cage", etc...), it would be complicated to have to change everything.

Can you tell us a bit more about the counterparts ?


  • First, for optimal quality, the prints will be made by the Picto laboratory in Paris. (For 70 years, Picto has been a reference for image professionals, founded in 1950, it accompanies photographers, museums, institutions and galleries for the prints of their exhibitions.

    And concerning the photos to be printed, you can choose the one you want, among those on my site, my networks, or one we would have made together!
    (ps: Sending possible in France, Europe, and even worldwide.)


  • For the print and/or digital versions of MÜVMAG, you can choose the issue(s) of your choice.



  • For the shootings, the dates and locations will be defined according to our availability and your desires. No prerequisites, whether you are a private individual, an comedian, an amateur sportsman or a pro, whether you want a book, portraits, or just the desire to have beautiful pictures, you are the boss. 
    (Travel not included)



  • For private courses/interviews, depending on the conditions (as well as your preferences), I will travel to meet you, otherwise we will schedule a videoconference appointment. 
    (Travel not included)

Oh yeah, all that, so what are the objectives ?

in progress
STEP 1 - 5k

It's crazy, thank you!
Wow, all this? I can't buy it all back and I'd have to sort through what I have left, but I have enough to get some used equipment that will keep me working. Thank you.

STEP 2 - 10k

Better than a Christmas TV movie.
10.000 times thank you! Thanks to you I don't have to change the equipment I have left, and I can get most of my material back.

STEP 3 - 15K

It's LEGEN... (wait for it) ... DARY !!! (sorry if you don't have the ref')
Ok it's incredible here, I can take it all back, recover my expenses from the losses caused by the theft, and santa add gifts in your counterparts.


Well, I don't believe in it too much, but if the funding is reached/over, and you still feel want a print, a shooting or anything, send me an email instead and we'll see what we can do ;)


And you, do you participate anyway, because you ask a lot?

For my part, I have already bought back some equipment, such as hard disks, memory cards, made the steps to change my insurance, a computer screen (the one I had decided not to walk anymore), etc...

Finally, I'm aware of the "steps" that may seem "high", but you have to count 8% of the platform fees, as well as the price to pay for quality counterparts (prints, frames, shipping costs, etc...).

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