NIEPCEBOOK N°14, the review dedicated to contemporary photography

NIEPCEBOOK, the review dedicated to contemporary photography, is made with the help of its readers. Help it to grow!

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NIEPCEBOOK N°14, the review dedicated to contemporary photography

Corridor Elephant is a not-for-profit association that publishes an online magazine dedicated to photography. It is also a publishing house dedicated to emerging and contemporary photography.

©Stéphane Goin

Since its creation in 2012, over 1200 artists have been featured online (, over sixty of them have been published digitally (eBook), and some twenty have been published in paper form (Go to Bookshop). Our wish is discover the talent of today and tomorrow, all too often overlooked by "classic" publishing because the artists are seen as "too young" or "not big sellers".

©Maya Paules

Along the same lines, we created and published the first issue of NIEPCEBOOK over four years ago. Ten new photographers from various backgrounds were featured. Format: 21x29,7 cm. Semi-mat coated paper, 135 gsm, 250-270 pages. Soft cover, 350 gsm, matte coating.

NIEPCEBOOK is a limited edition, numbered and blind-embossed to ensure authenticity.


NIEPCEBOOK N°14 features 12 photographers and their work on a choice of three themes: "Silence", "these days","photographing with a view camera". Twelve portfolios consisting of 12 to 15 full-page photographs are followed by a portrait-interview of each artist. We are happy to publish the work of:

Adrienne Arth

Antoine Beguier

Julia Amarger

Léna Fillet

Marie Bienaimé

Marine Tillé

Maud Wallet

Maya paules

Misa Ato

Stéphane Goin

Thierry Arensma

Véronique Peyle

Three authors have contributed to N°13: Jérôme Carron, Dunia Ambatlle and Georges Dumas. The featured interview is dedicated to the Festival Influences.

©Thierry Arensma


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Corridor Elephant is a not-for-profit association. The review we publish, NIEPCEBOOK, is independent. By choice, we are not supported by advertising or subsidies.  Your contribution will help publish N°14 (layout, printing, promotion).

©Adrienne Arth

If the amount of the support exceeds 4950 euros and the association turns a profit, the funds will be earmarked for the upkeep and development of the association itself. the website is updated twice a month, the editorial team handles promotion and public relations for the featured artists. There are no salaried employees, but it is important to be able to compensate the people working there.

©Véronique Peyle


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NIEPCEBOOK N°14 + A signed, Fine Art print


Geschatte levering: augustus 2020

NIEPCEBOOK N°14. Soft cover, perfect binding, 250 pages. NIEPCEBOOK is a veritable "magazine-book", and includes 12 portfolios of 12 to 15 photographs and one interview per artist + the photograph below (© Julia Amarger). 30x20 cm. Fine Art print. Rag Bright paper, signed + your name on the acknowledgements page. Shipping included.
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