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Let me introduce you to my project !

Plume Evasion is an eco-cultural travel agency specialized in the Caribbean islands.

It will provide a travel organization service, during which you will be immersed in the Caribbean culture, while leaving a minimal carbon footprint.


From Lina to Plume Evasion : How did it begin ?

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to discover this project which is so close to my heart.

I'm Lina! I currently live in Liège but I come from this little piece of paradise called Martinique. I was born and grew up there until the age of 19, when I, like most of my compatriots, had to fly to pursue my studies. As far as I remember, I've always had a passion for planes and travel, but without being able to experience them. When I moved to France to become an aerospace engineer, I made a promise to myself : explore every corner of the world whenever I can. I started to honor this promise, visiting cities in France first, then neighboring countries in Europe, with my small student budget. I then tackled the American continent: I lived in the United States for two years, I traveled the country and I took the opportunity to go see Canada and Mexico, sometimes alone, with a backpack, and never many resources. During all those trips, I realized one thing : there is no other place like home. I mean...What a gem !!! Between sea and mountains, beaches and rivers, arid land and lush vegetation, there is so much to see, discover, listen to, taste… So small and yet so rich. So I thought  "Why not share my love for travel and my island with other people?"  And I came up with Plume Evasion.

Video shot by Jordan

With Plume Evasion, I want to help draw everyone's attention to Martinique, but also to its archipelago neighbors, to promote their natural and cultural treasures, to highlight all those who take part in their development, especially those that do so while preserving the environment.

Plume Evasion's mission is to reconcile tourism and the environment in the Caribbean.

My project in details

What do I mean by "Eco-cultural Agency"?

Let's split this word in two:

  • Eco for eco-responsibility: the goal is, on the one hand, to contribute to the sustainable and ecological preservation of the natural heritage of the Caribbean and to put forward associations or individuals who work to promote organic agriculture, protect endangered species, stop the depletion of resources. On the other hand, through to the proposed tours, each traveller will participate in the development of the local economy. Plume Evasion is committed to collaborating with artisans, merchants, producers, farmers, artists proud of their identity and culture and eager to make them discover through their activities or products. Finally, to complete the circle, the proposed accommodations will also be eco-responsible.
  • Cultural for cultural immersion: Plume Evasion will organize unique experiences, during which each traveler will discover the cultural and agricultural know-hows and traditions of the chosen destination. These experiences will encourage exchanges with locals and the sharing of their vision.

Ok ... And in practise ?

In practise, multiple formulas will be offered so that each person designs their own adventure by choosing among a various choice of destinations and activities. They will get to know the locals and share their daily life, their values and experiences. Whether they travel alone, with their significant other, with friends or family, they will savour the diversity of the arts and the  local traditions, and of course, the beautiful scenery of the islands.  All these by adopting an eco-responsible approach: from the activities, to the accommodation, through the tasteful meals, it will be about preserving and enhancing these islands, while respecting nature.

A community will also be created to link future travelers and locals, but also with each other if they wish to go as a group.

How far I have I come ?

During summer 2020, I was accompanied by a terrific team at CréaPME in Liège, who helped me go from the idea to the project. I structured it and I determined the major milestones. I learned about the financial and legal aspects that result from it, carried out a market study, identified my persona, analyzed my competition.

I especially identified the two main steps of my project:

  1. The creation of a website, thanks to which I will begin my work of showing the treasures of the Caribbean islands. This website will highlight the artisans and producers, but also the actions implemented to ensure an eco-responsible lifestyle. Thanks to this website, you will indirectly meet the locals and begin your journey.
  2. The launch of the travel agency, when life has returned to normal, as we like it, and we can't wait to conquer the world.

Your rewards for you help

Each step of this project will require financial investments. Which is why I am calling on you for a little help.

To thank you for your contributions, I will offer you, once this campaign is over, various playful or tasteful gifts, created by Caribbean artisans and artists (see the "Contributions" tab to discover them).

It is obviously possible for you to contribute without receiving rewards, if they do not interest you but you still find the project awesome.

Waar dient de collecte voor

“Sé grèn diri ka fè sak diri

The funds collected will help me to finance the creation of my website, my logo and my visual identity. The different levels to be reached are as follows:

  • 1,500 € : I will be able to finance the creation of a showcase website (cost: 1,500€ excluding VAT)
  • 2,300 €: in addition to the website, I will be able to finance a package "logo + visual identity", in order to make the website in Plume Evasion spirit, warm, dynamic and entertaining (cost: 800 € TTC)
  • 3,300 €: for 1,000 € more (excluding VAT), I will be able to transform my showcase website into an e-commerce website, on which you will directly request your trip organization.

Beyond 3,300 €, I will be able to establish the first partnerships that will make Plume Evasion a success.
To remain consistent with the philosophy of my project, I want to work with Caribbean webdesigners, graphic designers, and associations.

As they say at home: “Sé grèn diri ka fè sak diri - literally “It is the grains of rice that fill the bags of rice” - means that accumulating small contributions leads to big results.

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