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Stronger Together

Ce projet participe à la lutte contre le Covid-19 ou a été impacté par celui-ci. Let's be stronger together ! KissKissBankBank soutient ces campagnes en réduisant sa commission 💜.

Stronger Together


The exceptional nature of the current heath situation requires our mobilisation. Let us bring our support to the most fragile populations of Cameroon: caregivers, public transport drivers, orphanage workers, street children, prisoners…, let us offer them a mask, a gel, a water source and soap for hand hygiene or simply a daily meal during this confinement period. 
Let us all act to slow down the chain of contamination AND SAVE LIVES!

To fight against Covid-19, we need your support!

Faced with the emergency, our collective pre-financed the purchase of supplies for the manufacture of washable and reusable protective masks from local companies specialising in fashion and clothing.

These masks have been tested and meet the standards of the Cameroon Standards and Quality Agency. The mask will be accompanied by hydro-alcoholic gels, protective visors, multiple water sources and essential products such as soap. Distribution will be carried out on the most sensitive places and to the most exposed populations (hospitals, care units, penitentiary centres, sectors with a high concentration of precarious populations...).

Who are we?

Achille, Annick, Richard, Cyrille, Alice, Solange, Patrick, Rodrigue, Bibiane, Yvette, Franklin, Valéry, Anne, Monique, Joseph, Nelly... All volunteers!

The group SOUTIEN#COVID-19 are men and women from the Cameroon diaspora and actors from the civil society in Cameroon, who came together on the 14th of April 2020.

All our actions are done by volunteers, no personal profit will be made from the money collected and from handing out the gifts.

Our Objective

To realise an action of mutual aid and solidarity towards the most exposed populations and those financially disadvantaged.

To support urban and rural population by making them aware of social distancing, handing out protective equipment (Taking time to explain how to use the protective equipment) and food items of first necessity.

The sanitary situation

On the 23rd of April 2020, Cameroon have recorded 1334 positives cases of COVID-19, 668 recoveries and 43 deaths.

The public authorities have launched an active strategy to combat the pandemic, focused on the following actions:

  • Definition of compulsory preventive measures
  • Public awareness
  • Testing of individuals with known symptoms
  • Placement in immediate treatment of proven cases
  • Control of borders
  • Search for endogenous solutions
  • Mandatory wearing of marks in public places

The beneficiaries

The action targets the most vulnerable populations

  • The caregivers
  • Orphanage workers
  • The detainees (in overcrowded prisons)
  • Moto-taxi drivers
  • “Bayam-Selam” (vendors at the stalls in overcrowded markets)
  • Disadvantage young people present in popular markets
  • Health centres in rural areas

The contributors

The SUPPORT#COVID-19 collective calls for your generosity.  Sympathisers, individuals, associations or companies, let us mobilise our means and our networks to offer a response, be it modest; making it possible to help limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cameroon.

Because our support for all is precious, let us mobilise!

Let us help the most vulnerable to protect themselves, to eat with dignity, and to be able to resume their activity easily after the confinement period.

The standard protection kit

  • 2 Protective masks (reusable, washable 10 times).
  • 3 Soap for hand hygiene.

The Caregiver kit

  • 5 Masks and one protective face shields.
  • 1 Box of 50 disposable gloves.
  • 1 bottle of hydro alcoholic gel.

The partners

Waar dient de collecte voor

If the 100% objective is reached:

We will be able to finance the purchase of 3000 masks, 250 hydro alcoholic gels, boxes of disposable gloves, 100 protective visors and provide many meals for caregivers and disadvantage young people.

Beyond that, we will help more disadvantaged structures and people by increasing the distribution of packed lunches and the provision of tap water points and soap useful for hand hygiene. Also, the provision of protective equipment will be offered to a greater number of health facilities.

We thank you in advanced for your support!

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