100 Years of 1SQN in 100 Anecdotes

Help us sharing our common passion, by contributing to create this book about a 100 years of aviation within the First Squadron !

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100 Years of 1SQN in 100 Anecdotes

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Are you all crazy about aviation ? Do you, like we do, look up at the sky at the slightliest sound of a propeler, at the tiniest blow of an reactor engine ? Do you love military aviation, mechanical precision allied to the aerodynamc design of those superb fighter jets ? If you do, this book is meant to you ! 


In "100 Years of 1 SQN in 100 Anecdotes", we invite the reader to enter this prestigious world that is military aviation, through quality pictures, chronogicaly organised, numbered and commented by squadron members.







This work, written in ENGLISH, is made of +- 100 pages, printed on a quality paper (150g), of a size of 240mm (width) x 210mm (height) and will be divided in 2 parts :


     - During Part One (+- 80 pages),we will travel through time with the reader, to find ourselves at the beginnings of the squadron, in 1917. Along the timeline, we will discover some pictures enhansed by their comments, would it be historical events or fun facts.






     - in Part Two, (+- 20 pages), you will find back all historical events and marquing facts that contributed to the evolution of the First Squadron. All of it, reinforced by pictures of most famous squadron members, whose legacy has built our present.




Who are we ?




Historically created in 1916, during WW1,the First Squadron has evolved through all these years to become the multirole F-16 Squadron that it is nowadays. 


In 1917, the squadron chooses the scotish thistle, and its motto "Nemo me impune lacessit", that can be translated "No one provoques me impunately".




This year, we celebrate the 100th anniverary of this symbol. Such occasion invites everyone to turn back and wonder about what has been accomplished, during those 100 years of stories, anecdotes and imperishable memories, all of it in this univers that we so much care about, Aviation !

Allocation of funds



Although the Defense supports us in many of our projetcs, it is difficult for a relatively small community (+- 40 people in a squadron) to gather all funds required for each plan. Therefore, it is our responsability to find investers ready to begin this journey with us. This is why, the use of crowdfunding, and consequently Kiss Kiss Bank Bank, became obvious to us. 


Through this fund raising, we would like to give everyone the occasion to(re)discover military aviation, passionating universe that is almost unknown by the public, because of its profound nature.


Moreover, this collect will allow you to get this book at a preferential rate, in addition with unique rewards made for this anniversary.


Crowdfunding will allow us to pay edition and impression fees, as well as fees inherent to Kiss Kiss Bank Bank.





If the campaign overtsteps our hopes, we will have the possibility to enhance paper quality and the book overall quality, and maybe even allow this book to be sold by other means than this crowdfunding platform ? 

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