1er LP 7 titres "Substitut", hard rock psychédélique

The french psychedelic hard rock power trio from Toulouse, France, is releasing a 1st 7 tracks LP !!! Help us make it available on CD/Vinyle

Project visual 1er LP 7 titres "Substitut", hard rock psychédélique
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1er LP 7 titres "Substitut", hard rock psychédélique

Substitut is pure juice, old school psychedelic rock. Substitut has played over 100 gigs in less than three years of wild experience, which led them to play in most of the local venues around Toulouse (such as Le Bikini, La Dynamo), and to collaborate with organisations such as Progres-Son or Antistatic.


The power trio is now releasing its first album, entitled "Substitut", cristallizing old time compositions, back when they were playing with ex-singer Joy, author of the lyrics, who died after a fall in his native mountains in 2008. Played live for four years, the songs evolved, finally to be recorded between december 2011 and june 2012, in their rehearsal studio.


The album was mixed in february 2013 by Hervé Buirette, winner of the Cesar for best soundtrack in the movie Mesrine : Public Enemy #1 in 2008. The mastering was done by sound engineer Triboulet at Studio de la Trappe in march 2013.


In a poetic way, this album tells the inside story of Joy, crazy rocker, between angel and devil, experimenting the doors of perception, until the end. Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'roll.


Heavy rocking Led Zeppelin sounding drums, extra-terrestrial bass lines inspired by The Who and Magma, a hard rock / blues influenced guitar mixing the styles of Page and Hendrix, powerful vocals embellished by sophisticated choirs, the whole thing based on collective improvisation. This albums means to be as classic as it is experimental !


Listen to Substitut on :

(streaming and download) : substitut.bandcamp.com


Watch this :

Substitut (+ guests) live at Le Bikini for a cover of "Johnny B. Goode", by Chuck Berry :



And playin at the O'Bohem Café Culturel, Toulouse, "Schyzo Blues - Part 2", last track of the album :


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-Printing 300 Vinyles : 1200€

-Mastering : 300€

-Artwork : 150€


Extra money will be kept for future recordings.

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