1st video clip from Elegant Tramp

Participate in the funding of our first video! Elegant Tramp needs your help to create their first video clip.

Project visual 1st video clip from Elegant Tramp
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1st video clip from Elegant Tramp

Genesis of the project

We are 5 musicians living in Normandy and we just released our first LP, composed of 11 tracks inspired by the american West, cowboy songs, soundtracks by Ennio Morricone, Roy Orbinson, or Neil Young, we want to shoot a clip for promoting one of our titles. And you are the one who will choose it!

The team


We are five guys with a real experience in former bands and we love what we do. So here we are : 

Philippe : "Elegant" - The soul of a crooner calming down the toughest hearts

Fabien on guitar : "Bronco" Knows how to chain riffs faster than a galloping horse

David :  "The dog" - Always does the dirty work but without getting dirty hands

Fred :  "Pepito" - Knows how to guide the neighborhood coyotes without being trapped

Cris : "Shooter" - More than just a bass player, but a fine shooter, a little trigger-happy


Why do we need your help

Below  you have four tracks to listen. Please tell us in the comments, wich one you want to have in the video clip. We think that the better judge to tell us which is the best song for a clip is you !

Girl next door

Housatonic River

Personal barmaid

Mirage motel

Thank you in advance for your contribution and don't hesitate to ask us questions.

Allocation of funds

The funding will be used to finance:

- the working time of a videographer (scripting, filming and editing) : 2500 €

- sets and accessories : 570 €

- advertizing on the social networks : 150 €

- Kiss Kiss bank bank fees : 280 €

If we exceed the amount requested, we can increase the quality of the final product.

Our association will collect all the funds

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