Glowin Shadow is a French rock band. Help us achieve our second EP (Album 5 titles) and come to our release party!

Project visual 2e EP de GLOWIN SHADOW
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October 4th - THANKS !!!


KissKissBankBank campaign is over since yesterday : 122 % reached !!!


With this bonus, we will be able to go a little further than expected , and all that thanks to your continued support !


We will now be able to prepare your rewards :)  


Until then , feel free to share our universe !



August 26th - The target is reached !


Incredible! It's with a great joy that we now discover that our target is reached ! And you've made it in only 23 days! We're so surprised, this is well beyond our expectations!


Really, a very big thank you to all!


Thanks to you, we'll be able to realize this great project! But we still have a lot of time! what if we go further together?


New target 150%


If we reach this new target of 3.750 € ,it  will enable us firstly to absorb the costs of KissKissBankBank and enjoy your contributions, but also to finance a large French Promotion.


This promotion will contribute greatly to our success, to YOUR success!


Indeed, journalists, media, magazines, all the specialized French press will know the existence of Glowin Shadow and his community!


Continue to share our universe, to give life to this project!

You are awesome!




Glowin Shadow,


More than a band, it’s an alternative and human project; a universe spread though rock, neo metal and orchestral traces. We try to make people move, scream, and smile sometimes.

The tone is deeply satiric, sarcastic, critic. It’s the result of a schizophrenic society which feels a lack of sensations, torn between conformism and the desire to glow on its own light in the clouded shadow of today's standards.






You kindly welcomed our debut EP last year and we defended our project on awesome stages, in awesome cities, thanks to you dear, thanks to all of you, thanks to mum and dad too!


We offered you even more contents:


• Lyric video

• Clip Video

• Acoustic Video

• Tour Report

• Live Video






We would like to go on today with this project:


• Go back in studio to record our new EP

• Organize a Release Party and a French tour

• Produce some merchandising

• Realize new video clips

• Promote Glowin Shadow


Contribute together to the french rock development, invest in an original project, and go with us in the adventure! Take your place in our familial vehicle, all together on the way of a great cooperative destiny! We are just beginning to express ourselves and surprising you.

So we count on you!





(All the rewards will be given at the release party so come have fun ! Missing people you will still receive a package send to your house).

Allocation of funds

Obviously, this entire project has a cost:



• Recording, Editing, Mix, Mastering + supply on digital platforms = 1650€


• Design of our EP cover + making 300 CD's = 550€


• Merchandising : 100 T-Shirts + 200 Posters A2 + 200 phosphorescent bracelets  + 200 badges = 900€


• Video Clip + Promotion = 1900€



So a total of 5 000€ of costs (without the Tour costs), that’s why we need your help!

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