Hard Fist "Dust of Life": the 5 years birthday compilation

Get involved in the 5 years compilation by 20 artists from 17 countries that have left their mark in our history these past 5 years

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Hard Fist "Dust of Life": the 5 years birthday compilation

Take part in the 5 years Hard Fist compilation Offspring of the musical fantasies of Tushen Raï and Cornelius Doctor, the Hard Fist label is, since its creation in 2017, a non profitable project including producers, graphic designers, DJs and oneiric party’s worshippers. It subists thanks to the foolproof support of our community who, day by day, accompanies our projects. That is why we turn to you once more, to make our dreams come true. https://www.hardfist.bandcamp.com/ An outstanding compilation Never would have we thought that this collective story would bring us here, that it would take such a place in our lives and that it would allow us to make so many great encounters. It was then unthinkable to celebrate our 5 years without the unreasonable idea of proposing an outstanding object. So we have thought on a grand scale, a digger’s dream: create a double record as a limited edition where 20 artists from 17 countries will gather to offer remarkable collaborations. We’ll find on it the musicians that have made a mark on the label's history these past 5 years, friends, also peers : people that inspired and gave us the urge to create Hard Fist. This double record will be a real collection item illustrated by unrivaled artwork from our designer Léo Marsal. ➤ SNIPPET MIX : listen to 1 minute extract of each track Progress on the production of the record will be shared with you along the way, thus you’ll be the first aware about this project that could not happen without your involvement. Who are we? The ties between Corelius Doctor and Tushen Raï forged in Lyon while they worked for the French Radio Nova with their music program Ride the Rhythm. That’s how they shared their passions, musical references and values to found their own label. Today, it’s also supported by a team passionate about music, cultures and encounters. Pic by La Frenesy During those 5 years, Hard Fist made its way into the electronic music’s world. It now gathers an international community around a shared passion for organic and folkloric sounds, the ones that brand spiritual gatherings and rite celebrations. At Hard Fist we like polyrhythmics Arabic, African and Indian musics, semi-tones of the oriental melodic scales. After 17 releases of which 10 on records, 64 free download edits and a community of more than 50 artists worldwide, we can say we kept busy these past years. Based on bandcamp & soundcloud data Our values From the little cracks between man and nature was born the sound that made itself music. Its millenary fluctuations brought it to mutate continuously, so that it moves us without fail under all its forms. Ways of living it, listening to it and playing it are as much important. The original musics that gives its tempo to tribes through danses and transes are now elaborated in a new way: the technological reunion of man and machine. Pic by Valentin Lecaille Hard Fist maintains a continuous fascination for all its aspects by offering releases that can be listened to in the peaceful atmosphere of a Bedouin tent in Jordania as much as in the enthusiasm of a Mexican dancefloor. We pay tribute to organic sounds by traveling in music History. Our melodies are inspired of ancestral and shamanic sonorities, of trance rituals and recordings realised by globe-trotters from the 50/60’s, of choirs and world’s chants through a globalised approach that puts a great diversity of cultures in the spotlight. Pic by Hussein Amri This meeting between electronic and organic allows to make more accessible these artists and cultures that didn’t always get a chance to be represented on the international scene of a musical genre that it, yet today, too turned toward the western world. Cornelius Doctor and Tushen Raï have managed to create an auditive atmosphere easily recognizable: an alchemical concoction of percussion, acid and global sounds from Middle-Eastern, African, Asian, and European countries. Influenced by italo, trance, disco, new wave, tribal and psychedelic rock music, its releases always think outside the box. Today, Hard Fist is the support of a passionate and activist scene, very attached to the vinyl records and the symbolic that it represents in music History: democratization of listening practices, invention of musical genres, discomorphosis: music took the disc form, the way to make it transformed itself and set the fundations of diversity in today’s musics. Our heart is free, our fists are clenched. Pic by Gaétan Clément

Allocation of funds

Your participation will allow to finance the production of the double record: from the recording to the pressing, passing by the mastering, the artwork and promotion. A significant part of your contributions will be donated to the Red Cross in Ukraine, we tell you more below. Why is that important? The raw material crisis has directly impacted the record industry: lengthening of fabrication time (passing from 8 weeks to 6 months), generalized prices increase. The pressure is even stronger on independent producers who wish to realize smaller draws. Today, producing this double record costs 30% more than two years ago. Even with what can seem a small contribution, it is an entire sector that is already weakened by the sanitary crisis, that you’ll be supporting. You’ll be joining our community of music-lovers sharing common values of tolerance, openness on the world. Also, because we strongly believe in the liberty of people to dispose of themselves and we strongly support people who take risks to create and share spaces of liberty and mind openness of all kinds, religions, colors, we’ll donate 15% of the acquired fund-raising to Ukrainian’s red cross 🇺🇦 What if we go over our goal? If your excitement for this double record surpasses our craziest expectations and we manage to go over our goal, the found-raising money will allow us to finance other record releases and support even more artists. Also, the donation to Ukraine will increase.


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- Pre-order "Dust of Life", THE 5 years double record

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      Invitation 1x2 to "Dust of Life" release party in Lyon + after party at Tushen Raï house (transport + accommodation included for you + your friend) - from Europe only

      Estimated delivery: December 2022

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