Following Zanabazar’s tracks on the back of a horse

Help me follow the tracks of Zanabazar, from the mongolian steppes to Beijing

Project visual Following Zanabazar’s tracks on the back of a horse
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Following Zanabazar’s tracks on the back of a horse

Some internet searches, an unknown character, and a fascinating story. I did not need much more to make my decision.

After deepening my research, I decided to ride a horse for a part of my journey, and got in touch with local breeders. I will stay a few days in the capital city, then go for three weeks in the Orkhon valley with the horses to reach some remote locations which are not accessible by car. I wish to lessen my ecological impact the most possible, and riding a horse seems a great option in this perspective.

Finally, my trip will end in Pekin. My goal is to screen this documentary in public libraries and other cultural structures.


Who am I ?

My name is Thibault Srocki, and I am a 21 years old political science student from Lille, a Northern French city.

I’ve always been passionate about travels and adventures. In my teenage years, I read and enjoyed the works of Jack London, Sylvain Tesson, and many others. These books and my experience with the French Scouts pushed me to travel to Latvia for an international solidarity project and to complete a hitchhiking tour of Ireland.


Zanabazar, a fascinating life

A reincarnation, an artist, a descendant of Genghis Khan and a suspicious death.

Recognised as Tibetan lama reincarnation, Zanabazar (1635-1723) was a Buddhist leader in Mongolia but also a fabulous sculptor, painter and poet, nicknamed the “Asian Michelangelo”. Despite destructions, its artwork stay considerable.

The objective of my documentary is for people to discover Zanabazar works, its life, the monasteries and other places related to him


Therefore, I will start my documentary at the Fine arts museum of Zanabazar. After I will go to Kharkhorin and the Erdene Zuu monastery. From there I will buy the horses to my contact and start the horsetrip in the Orkhon Valley. 


After that, my travel is subject to changements due to the fact that people I will encounter might advise me to continue my investigation in other places. Thus, I grant myself two weeks more in Mongolia before going to Beijing.

Then, I should arrive in Beijing for the 5th of June, There, I will try to find last tracks of Zanabazar where he died in 1723.

My objective is to organise a first projection in march 2020.

Thank you in advance for your support


Allocation of funds

You will find here the details of my budget :

1165€ for the camera and the equipment (camera, tripod, microphone, SD cards and bags).

900€ for the horses and related equipment (saddle,...).

800€ for the tent, sleeping bag, backbag, satellite phone and the rest of the necessary equipment.

900€ for plane tickets.

200€ for other displacements

150€ museums, filming authorizations, visas.

300€ food and accomodation,

300€ for production (music, assembly,...)

Here is a total of 4715 needed for my project and 2215€ will be covered by my economies and work.

I will gather the entirety of the collect. In case of an unexpected exceeding of the 2500€, it will be used to rent projection room.

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