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A Silentio is the result of one year of work between Claire Laude – artist and architect – and ESSARTER Éditions – publisher specialised in photography and literature. At the beginning of 2020, we propose to Claire Laude to bring together in a book two of her photographic projects: Murs d’eau, voiles de pierres, produced during an art residency SÅM, in Lessina, Italy (2019) and Les Printemps Silencieux produced during a second art residency Kinono, on Tinos Island, in Greece (2020). These two photographic series, although different in many respects, are linked by a text that puts into words what connects them: the way we perceive traditional architecture, the idea of immaterial heritage and how to carry its memory, traces and inscriptions left by Man in rural landscapes and the interpretation we can make of them. The book investigates three particular cases: > the ruins of ‘ghiacciaie’ or ‘icehouses’, buildings that were used to produce and store ice in the region of Lessinia, Italy. > the ruins of Ismail, a village on the Cyclades Tinos Islands, its terraces, agriculture, and beekeeping. > the towers and the ruins left after the departure of the inhabitants in Lagia, a Southern Greek region. Over the course of the book, parallels are drawn between these three examples of architecture which reflect the current political, economic, social and cultural context of the two countries. How is it that villages (entirely or in part) have come to be abandoned or bit by bit left to fall into ruin? What is today’s attitude when it comes to conservation and heritage? How can we envisage the loss of traditions, the disappearance of one, the decline of another, and the danger for a species linked to it? Claire Laude is a French photographer and architect. She lives in Berlin since 1997. Her work, between photography and installation, questions the images we perceive in places through their memory and their history. I choose transformed, disappearing or forgotten sites, for example the city of Königsberg/Kaliningrad or an abandoned military reserve. Their redevelopment, reconstruction, destruction and/or appropriation are the focus of my research. Claire Laude is a co-founder and member of the photographer and exhibition’ space collective exp12/ exposure twelve. In 2019, ESSARTER Éditions published her work “This was the hope a romantic Russian”, in the second part “The Reconciliation of spaces” in the collective book Red Utopias. Site / Instagram More information about Red Utopias:https://essartereditions.com/en/livres/utopies_rouges/ ESSARTER [ESAƦTE] meaning to strip clear and liberate a space, re-establish a terrain, to make accessible an unexplored area. ESSARTER Éditions is an association specialised in photo-documentary books. Its creation was born from the meeting between Mathilde Vaveau, photographer, and Lou Reichling, graphic-designer. Paul de Lanzac, photographer, joined them a few months later. Based on their common interests - books, documentary photography and literature - and their complementary skills, their main objective is to create books where texts and images meet and sometimes confront each other. Collectively and without distinction, we are working with scholars, photojournalists, amateurs, academics, inhabitants, tourists, experts, and neophytes. It is through the printed book that we wish to record our society: the book is both a literary and a visual essay. Between the documentary, which offers visibility on selected facts in images, and the fiction, which tells stories through words, our books offer to curious readers new and original literary experiences. Our books address some of the major societal, political, and historical issues by looking closely at borders, conflicts, migrations, and cultural belonging. How and why should history be made a modular object? How does popular heroism construct official history? How can we understand today’s inequalities through the revolts of the past? Why is it necessary to talk about borders, exile, and migrations today? Why is it important to think about the memory of the landscape and man’s imprint on it? “ESSARTER” means to clear away the undergrowth, to clear a piece of land to open a field, a fresh and unexplored area. Each new project is the meeting of authors, who have infiltrated moving terrains, outside the lines drawn by the giants. They all investigate drifting places, searching, cutting, cropping, sorting out information, with their experiences, their past, and their knowledge. ROLLING PAPER, Le BAL, 2019 ©ESSARTER Éditions Why do we suggest you to pre-order a copy of A Silentio? To be sure to receive a copy in your mailbox before it hits the shelves. As events are still complicated to organise, pre-sales will always allow you to acquire the book without having to travel. To benefit from a discount on the price of the book. To participate financially in the printing of the project. ESSARTER Editions' income comes mainly from the sale of books and therefore the cash advance for an ambitious project like this is substantial. To adjust the number of copies to be printed. To get you unique rewards! For the rewards, you will find: Promotions on the book A surprise poster A pack with Red Utopias All these rewards will of course be delivered at no extra cost: postage is free! Various structures support us and more will do soon for this project. These partnerships allow us to organise exhibitions and meetings in Italy, Greece and France: > Fonderia 20.9 https://www.fonderia209.com/ (Italy) > SÅM https://www.samlessinia.com (Italy) > PHENO https://pheno.gr/ (Greece) > Le ministère de la culture et la région Centre Val de Loire par CICLIC https://ciclic.fr/ (France)

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