Accords Nomades

Jérôme Brajtman&Le Quatuor Anouman are prepapring a musical show and an album! Participate to this adventure by helping us realising it!

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Accords Nomades


STOMPIN AT DECCA Extract from the coming album!!!


Composed of Jérôme Brajtman on guitar and the Anoupman String Quartet: Sandra Langlois, 1st violin, Mathilde Lanfrancchi, 2nd violin, Evan Mut, Alto, and Jean-Christphe Masson, cello,

"Accords Nomades" unites two apparently opposed worlds ; the string quartet and the gipsy guitar. Across a dream, this unique musical show, with new arrangements on compositions from JS Bach to Django Reinhardt, passing by Fauré and Albeniz, tries the double bet of integrating the gipsy guitar inside the classical repertoire, and the string quartet in the Django Reinhart's jazz standards.  Improvisation flirts with written music and finally, music becomes both scholar and popular, thought and unpredictable…


Allocation of funds



"Accords Nomades" is the title of musical show realised in self production, by Jérôme Brajtman and the Anouman String Quartet. To start the project, we will participate this summer to the Festival d'Avignon OFF, and will be playing the show "Accords Nomades" from the 14th to the 29th of  july 2018, in the Théâtre des Amants. This crossfounding campaign  will allow us to cover some of the heavy fees due to participation to the Avignon festival: the rent of the théâtre  3000€, the flyers and the posters 300€, the recording and print of  promotionnal CD 1000€, transports and food fees around 1000€, and so on...). 


We will appreciate your generosity and help to make this beautiful show possible with all our heart.Any amount is more than welcome, of course. 


Looking forward to meet you soon, and play the show for you, anywhere you are, thank you very much,


Jérôme Brajtman, and the Anouman String Quartet.




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