Adrien Marco Trio : album Nesso

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Adrien Marco Trio : album Nesso

The journey continues !

A lot of way has been traveled by the group, since the release of our album "Travels" in 2016. Three years have passed since. Three years during which the group could clearly evolve and play throughout France, but also abroad, with Germany (2016), Italy in (2018), and England (expected in 2019) !

All thanks to your support, growing and carrying.

Today, the trio aims to release their new album, after 11 months of hard work! This one will aim to continue to take you with us, always in a spontaneous music, a varied repertoire and full of surprises.

The new album :

Many beautiful things will be present in this new album ! 14 tracks, combining swing, bossa, groove, gypsy jazz or international song, including some very well known songs. Of course, all this in the manner of the trio: a spontaneous music, generous, which remains faithful to the spirit swing and gypsy jazz, with mixtures, and this its very typical and unique of the group. The album would be recorded at the end of summer 2019 in the professional studio Labo Chantal Huzine, then mixed right after. Then come the pressing, and finally, the delivery we give for February 2020.

The project team :

This album brings together several people, all passionate and experienced. A human and professional connection, made over the meetings. Of course, there are musicians:

  • Adrien Marco on the solo guitar. The main initiator of the project and the trio.
  • Titi Haag on the rhythm guitar, coming directly from Forbach, the city specializing in gypsy jazz, no longer presented !
  • Mathieu Chatelain on rhythm guitar, one of the best rhythm of the style and with a great experience that he will use on this project.
  • Adrien Ribat on rhythm guitar, who work with the leader since 2012.
  • Maxime Ivashchenko on the double bass, imperturbable !
  • Rocco Zaccagnino, incredible accordionist from southern Italy, who will be invited and we are happy to participate in the project on a piece. For a beautiful lyricism and beautiful flights !
  • William Helderlin who will be the second guest, on saxophone, for a beautiful piece !

But also the people who allow the advancement of the trio in his projects for several years : 

  • Dominique Tassin, the sound engineer, with a great knowledge in acoustics, which is very appreciable, given the requirement that this requires in the sound processing of gypsy jazz. Adrien and Dominique had chosen to associate since the birth of the old album "Travels" in 2016, and he knows the expectations of the trio. Including pizza !
  • Lise Ritter, talented photographer, who will be the videographer and a shooting. His work is visible on our site.
  • The graphic designer, who will ensure the work of the cover of the album and the visual arrangement of the latter. The choice on this manager is currently.
  • The structures "La Craie à Sons" and "Trio d'Arts", in which we evolve as artists and professionals.
  • And finally, those who are indispensable to us and without whom we can not evolve : YOU !


The whole group is eager to present their ideas, on which we have worked so long ! This album promises lots of nice surprises and beautiful mixes !


Come Prima Live

Allocation of funds

This money raised will allow the group to continue its progression, to release this album, which we have been working for nearly 11 months.

  • The recording of 14 titles in a professional studio (Labo Chantal Huzine)
  • MasteringThe graphic design of the album
  • The photo shoot for the album's visual
  • Pressing CDsThe costs of SACEM
  • The manufacture and sending of all your rewards (albums, posters ...)

The desired 3860 € represents the sum to be invested for all these stages, all necessary for the birth of this album.

Goals : 

  • 100% : we can just release this new album and lead this exciting project in the long run! For our greatest happiness and yours! Thank you !​ ​


  • 120% : We jump to the ceiling! Because we can refine each detail for this album, to make it even better, but also make a video! Thank you ! 


  • 140% : We do tricks on ourselves, 140 times, in joy! Because we can ensure the complete promotion of the album. An accomplished album, in all its processes. From recording to production, to broadcasting, a fantastic goal. Thank you !

We are looking forward to finalizing this new record for you !


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