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/æfɹəˈdaɪti/(Aphrodite) is the result of two and a half years of photographic experimentation on my body, my sexuality and more particularly my place as a woman in society. From my earliest photographic work, I have had a fascination with works on the body. Raised by a dance teacher mother, my approach to the naked body in particular is naturally free and pure. I see it as a tool of expression and an external representation of our emotions. It is a medium in its own right. Revealing my body is for me an important step and an affirmation. The nude allows me to materialize my emotions and to transmit my artistic vision. I use it to symbolize my wounds, to better understand them, to accept them and to gradually appropriate my body. Photography is my path to healing. Like a diary, each photograph represents a thought, a pain... a part of me. I build this intimate and autobiographical visual collection around my disappointments in love, my sexual relationships, the absence of my partners, my hopes. I am researching the understanding of my sexuality. My various experiments (photographs, fanzines, videos, paintings) will lead me to a more general reflection on the way women are perceived in society, through the eyes of men. Through my fascination and studies of Greek mythology, I found a certain duality in the story of Aphrodite. She was a life force and her influence on sexuality was as positive (fertility) as it was negative (lust and desire). This duality remained embedded in Aphrodite's attributes for a long time, probably due to the circumstances of her birth. Indeed, the Greeks tell it as follows: in the dark night, before the birth of the world, the goddess mother Gaïa, tired of copulating with Ouranos, convinced her son Kronos to act on her behalf. Kronos cut off Ouranos' genitals and threw them into the sea. From this, Aphrodite was born near the island of Cyprus. The goddess kept several attributes, notably her proximity to the sea and nature. Later, with the evolution of civilisations and wars of conquest, the place of women in society was marginalized. Moreover, the creation of a male-dominated society in literature and art led to a sexualisation of the goddess. Her interest will now be focused on her body, which will be fantasized and made available to men, and not on her power. I see in the story of Aphrodite all the discrepancies that women face regarding their bodies and sexuality in modern society. Female sexual freedom being a source of pejorative judgements. All these contradictions and injunctions form my central study and I apply them to my own self-portraits. I identified with the goddess and her manifestations: her closeness to nature, her duality, her sexual freedom and her body. As well as her cursed loves and deceptions that motivate some of her actions. I face the comments that my photographs generate and interrogate my sexual and intimate behaviors with men and question my relationships. Through introspection, I seek to confront my shortcomings and identify my emotional flaws. Using Aphrodite helps me to understand the world around me, to tame my hyper-sensitivity and obsessions and to learn to heal from my disappointments. I construct my journal as an artist learning who she is, and what it means to be a woman. THE BOOK Book details • Inside Munken White 115 gr • Cover Munken White 80 gr • Sewn binding and soft cover • 21 x 27,7 cm • 64 pages • 30 black and white photographs • texts in English: extracts from Sappho and Christodore de Coptos, and poems by Chochana Rosso First edition of 100 copies Design and layout by Chochana Rosso Printed by Escourbiac

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With the pre-order of the book, with or without a limited edition, you participate in the realization and the finalization of this personal project. Budget : 2 000 € including production (printing, paper, finishing, transport), printing material, packaging and shipping.


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/æfɹəˈdaɪti/(Aphrodite) book


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Signed and numbered book English • 21 x 27,7 cm • soft cover • 64 pages First édition of 100 copies

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