" Imagine Africa in 2034, as the first world power, through the covers of a fictitious magazine. "


The project

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"To celebrate 10 Years of AITF, we imagine Africa as the first world power through the covers of a fictitious magazine.’’


Imagine: it’s 2034. The African Continent has been renamed "The United Republics of Africa" (U.R.A) and has become the dominant global power. The U.R.A is a leader and driver of technology, space travel, art, film, fashion, architecture and more.


U.R.A’s most widely read, most profitable publication is AITF Magazine. As the iconic Life Magazine covers illustrated American growth post-World War II, AITF Magazine covers relate the economic and political rise of the United Republics of Africa.


The familiarity of Life covers, emblematic of the American Dream, beautifully suit this parodic diversion. This is no Nostradamus inspired effort to predict the future. AITF covers are an ironic transposition of the World as presented in the international, traditional and dominant media landscape.








The mockups presented here should give you a good sense of what we are trying to accomplish. The challenge is to raise sufficient funds to be able to describe the U.R.A. universe in great depth and detail: to create a full-on alternative reality that draws people in, makes them question the way the world is structured, and challenges them to rethink brands, media, messaging and power.





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Why fund it?




"What we hope to do: Produce as many AITF covers as possible, create a website fully dedicated to them, and share them with the world through travel and exhibitions."


The number of AITF covers that we can produce depends directly on the success of this fundraising effort. Your individual investments are essential to bringing the U.R.A’s fictitious universe to life, with attention paid to the smallest details in set design, costumes, accessories and more.


Kisskissbankbank is a one of the largest funding platforms for creative projects. Crowdfunding is a great way to involve you, our supporters, in the process from start to finish. It also allows us to remain independent. Independence guarantees real, creative freedom and is core to AITF’s fundamentals.


Funding this project will allow you, in return, to receive rewards specially designed for this project. Depending on your participation, you may receive AITF stickers, signed and numbered photographic prints of AITF covers, the exclusive AITF 10 Year T-shirt, posters or perhaps even all of the above!




3780 € = 15 AITF Magazine Covers

3779 € = 0 AITF Magazine Covers

Money collected will be automatically refund to KissBankers if we do not reach our goal : 3780 €

By cons, we can exceed this initial amount and it will produce even more AITF Covers !

So please, keep in mind that each contribution is essential.




AITF is an art intervention. Started in 2004 by Nicolas Premier and Patrick Ayamam, AITF works to challenge mainstream media representations of Africa - and more generally of the world. We understand that brands are entities with great symbolic, economic, psychological and social impact in today’s world. We decided, then, to start simply, with a... See more

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