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African Variations - Nouvel Album

About 15 years ago, Cherif Soumano (kora) and Sébastien Giniaux (guitars, cello) met in Bamako. Since then, their career path has often crossed and their friendship has grown around a dialogue between two cultures, two continents.

With African Variations, a project initiated in 2016, Sébastien and Chérif are travelling from Paris jazz to african desert blues, from kora arabesques to virtuoso cellos, from the great flute of Naïssam Jalal on the preceding album to Paloma Pradal's flamboyant flamenco vocals on this new record.

A meeting point between different musical cultures, but not only ...

First, because Cherif and Sébastien have musical universes and influences that go far beyond their original culture.

Cherif Soumano, master of Kora and Malian music, mastered to perfection his atypical instrument, made of strings, skin, wood and calabash. On stage or in the studio he has widened his musical sensitivities with Marcus Miller, Roberto Fonseca, Archie Chepp or Mathieu Chedid ...

Sébastien Giniaux, virtuoso guitarist and great cellist, after being well in the forefront of gypsy jazz, followed varied routes alongside the greatest (Bireli Lagrene, Didier Lockwood, Taraf de Haidouk, Tony Gatlif ...) in contemporary jazz and world music.

Beyond the friendship, their musical complicity and their pleasure to play together is just stunning.

African Variations came out of these contrasts and continues today with a wonderful second album, recorded last summer.

If the previous disc featured a majority of Cherif Soumano tunes and african tradionnals, Sébastien Giniaux is at the maneuver here with 7 original compositions and musical direction. Embracing the modern studio techniques, the disc goes beyond the duet by proposing daring arrangements mixing kora, cello, acoustic and electric guitars. 

The flamenco singer Paloma Pradal joins them on two pieces: "Devant toi" and "La Ronde des Oiseaux"; evocative texts, powerful vocals, palmas, hard not to shiver listening to the french spanish singer.

Finally, a beautiful and unexpected cover of "Avec le temps" by Leo Ferré masterfully concludes this new album.


"La Ronde des Oiseaux" official release on January 17, 2020 (under the Christmas tree for crowdfunding contributors!)

01. Deux Voix Deux Mesures - 4'32
02. Terre et Mère - 3'41
03. Devant Toi (feat. Paloma Pradal) - 3'45
04. Toubaka - 5'41
05. Guitar only for Napoli - 2'02
06. Le Réveil - 3'45
07. Chanson Pour Maël - 3'43
08. La Ronde des Oiseaux (feat. Paloma Pradal) - 4'52
09. Kita - 3'00
10. Desert - 3'21
11. Avec le temps (Léo Ferré) - 3'37

Cherif Soumano - Kora
Sébastien Giniaux - guitars, cello

Paloma Pradal - Vocals, Palmas (tracks 3 & 8)

Allocation of funds

The album is now recorded, mixed and mastered, it will be released on January 2020. Only a few steps remains to release it in th best possible conditions. For that, we need your support.

Depending on the level reached during the crowdfunding campaign, your contributions will be used for :

  • Artwork (graphic designer, photographer, illustrator) - 800 €
  • The manufacturing costs of the disks sent to the subscribers as well as the copyrights - 800 €
  • Insure part of the promotion of the album and concerts, video recordings - 1100 €
  • The commissions of the KissKissBankBank platform - 300 €

If we go beyond the goal it's great, it will allow us:

  • Organize a concert under good conditions in Paris in March 2020 - 2000 €
  • Make a sound / video recording of this concert for those who could not be present - 1000 €

The funds will be collected by the label LDC Music, producer of the album, and allocated to the project of Sébastien Giniaux and Cherif Soumano. LDC Music is a micro label backed by a recording studio and was already at the origin of the first disc "African Variations" in 2016. He follows Sébastien Giniaux for many years, having notably produced his project "Mélodie des Choses" , or the 3 discs of the Gypsy Jazz collective "Selmer # 607".

Contributors will receive their rewards, including the discs, just in time for Christmas 2019 ! The disc will be released officially in early 2020. A great gift for you and your loved ones, and a great way to support music creation with a project that is far from the beaten path.

Thank you for your generosity and support, we count on you!


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