To make the dream of a first original album come true, we need your help!

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After having recorded in 2011 her first album studio (jazz standards) with her jazz quartet of great polish musicians : Witold Janiak on piano, Marcin Blasiak on bass and Emilian Waluchowski on drums, it's with french musicians (Edouard Ravelomanantsoa on piano, Samuel Bellanger on bass and Ronan Despres on drums) that AGATA will return to the studio and record her new album, this time composed of original songs.


photo credit: Ronan Simon


Poland, United States, United Kingdom and since 2011 it's in France, in Rennes, where AGATA decided to stay for abit longer and continue her artistic development. Together with local musicians, she started a long work of songwriting, and the title of a new album is "French connection".


AKQ photo credit: Ronan Simon


Her love of travel and music have led her to working with international musicians, and thanks to all these experiences AGATA found her musical identity. She found a balance between her Slavic background and her passion to create music which has no borders, neither stylistic, nor geographic. Inspirations which transformed into songs, songs which tell different stories, which let you to discover the eclectic world of AGATA.



"In this new project I decided to change my artistic approach. After many years of singing jazz standards I wanted to come back to songwriting, which I stopped many years ago. And it's thanks to my wonderful musicians that I could give a new life to my old melodies and also to create completely new songs. Now it's time to record it and produce an album. To share it with you, we need funds, and that is why I decided to start this crowdfunding. All this can happen only with your help. I invite you to share with us this beautiful artistic adventure. I am very happy that it's gonna be an occasion to exchange, to share and to create together."

AKQ photo credit: Sarah Gonidec  


One year after winning the Diva Jazz Competitions (Les RDV de l'ERDRE), Agata and her musicians are ready to record an album of 9 songs.


___________________________________________________________________  "I start an adventure in auto-production with my team of great French musicians, who have been  working with me for a long time now. And to fulfill our goals and make the dream of a first original album come true, we need your help! Thank you for your participation "



Allocation of funds


                           The money collected will let us to pay:


                                    STUDIO RECORDING  :


                                3 days of studio recording : 900€

                                   4 days of mixing  : 1200€

                                       MASTERING : 600 €


                          DESIGN of the album cover and posters:  600€

                        S.D.R.M. (société pour l’administration du

                                  droit de reproduction mécanique

                                 des auteurs, compositeurs) : 1000€


                                           TOTAL: 4300€  

If, thanks to your help, we'll arrive to collect more, we would be able to pay:


                                       Pressing our CDs : 1100 € 

                                     Press attaché:: 1500€

                                       Posters printing: 150€

                                       A music CLIP:: 1000€        


                                             TOTAL: 8050€       


Please join us, we really need your support to make French connection a reality.

Thank You!



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digital download of 2 songs + a big thank you!
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A signed CD + A personal thank you call from Agata + a signed photo + a big thank you!
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A signed CD + a signed photo + A personal thank you call from Agata + 2 tickets to one of my concerts in France and a drink together + a signed poster + a big thank you !
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A signed CD + 1 hour singing (bass, drums or piano) lesson in Rennes or singing lesson on Skype if international + a big thank you !
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4 signed albums (to offer to your friends) + a big thank you!
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A signed CD + a Vocal Coaching to learn a song of Agata and sing in the choir during the album release party + a big thank you!

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2 tickets to a private exclusive concert in our garden + a big thank you !
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A signed CD + a vocal coaching with recording of your song + a big thank you!

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vocal workshop - one day for you and your friends, maximum 10 persons ( price do not include travel and accommodation ) + a big thank you !
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A signed CD + duo private performance worldwide (Not Including travel and accommodation) + a big thank you !

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A signed CD + worldwide Quartet private performance (Not Including travel and accommodation) + un grand merci

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Weekend with Agata in Poland to discover polish culture (Not Including travel and accommodation) + a big thank you !

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