Agent Double Fanzine

Agent Double is a fanzine about the performative.

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Agent Double Fanzine



Agent Double is a fanzine project about the performative.    Agent Double presents some artists  in a reading frame dedicated to performance.    Interviews and portraits with artists,  curators and 'theorians' are proposed.    With Ironic and photo-graphic interludes,  the content of Agent Double questions notions of performance in relation to works and practices that do not necessarily qualify as 'performative gender'.




In the first issue there should be:


Sylvie Blocher

Florence Bonnefous

Mathilde Chénin

Lydie Jean-dit-Pannel

Mark Raidpere

Tsuneko Taniuchi

... :)


Redaction: Olivier Pierre Jozef

Graphic design: MaxiSouk (Maxime Bersweiler & Soukvilay Cordier)

Printer: Après Midi lab


Agent Double is also on:


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Allocation of funds


For the first edition of the issue 1 of the fanzine in RISO technic 150 copies (about 3 € / copy) 


>> 500€



budget to organize an event to launch the fanzine 


>> 500€



+ goodies for the launch of Agent Double 

+ creation of a packaging for a special and limited edition of the first issue






total: 1000€



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