Aide humanitaire - reconstruction d'une salle de motricité dans un orphelinat - Bolivie

Bring a little happiness to these children! Don't forget them. Your support can change their lives ...

Project visual Aide humanitaire - reconstruction d'une salle de motricité dans un orphelinat - Bolivie
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Aide humanitaire - reconstruction d'une salle de motricité dans un orphelinat - Bolivie

LifeTime Projects is a non-profit organization that organizes and helps to finance humanitarian and ecological missions.






LifeTime Projects is an initiative started by Laetitia Craig, who spent seven years working on a humanitarian mission in an orphanage in Bolivia. Upon her return to Europe, Laetitia decided to help give the opportunity to others to live a strong and rewarding experience through gap year projects. The aim of LifeTime Projects is to offer a life changing experience to those wishing to combine a gap year with humanitarian commitment. LifeTime projects is all about cultural immersion, human encounters and an unforgettable stay.


The project: Reconstruction of a physiotherapy room for Maria Cristina orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia  


LifeTime Projects' first projects were developed in Bolivia, more precisely in Cochabamba. Bolivia is the second poorest country in Latin America, 60% of the population lives below the poverty line.




In Cochabamba, LifeTime Projects supports Maria Cristina orphanage. This orphanage hosts 60 children between 12 and 18 years old who have a learning disability.

In June 2015, 15 students from the Strasbourg Business School will participate in the construction of the motor-skills development room for the orphanage Maria Cristina. Indeed, the orphanage currently has a precarious physiotherapy room, the building materials are not suitable for children with learning disabilities, which is a big safety hazard for these vulnerable children. 




Current state of the motor-skills development room




Construction of the new motor-skills development room that started mid - May!


Crowdfunding goals


LifeTime Projects' next goal is to equip this room with physiotherapy tables and educational materials such as mats, foam cubes, balls, weights, dumbbells, puzzles, beams etc. This will allow us to propose new activities for the children, and help them to develop their motor skills through a fun environment.

Allocation of funds

Thanks to YOU, we will be able improve the lives of over 60 children and support their development.


We need to raise € 30 000  in total in order to finish the construction of the physiotherpy room. Today, with 2500 € we will be able to buy:  


- Equip the room with 3 physiotherapy tables

- Buy sensory games and physiotherapy equipment  (mats, soft balls and obstacle courses, weights, mirrors, beams, puzzles etc)






For more information please contact LifeTime Projects :


Mobile: +33 (0) 781356867

Landline : + 33 (0) 9 81 35 68 67



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