Aidez Giovanna Grossi, la première candidate féminine brésilienne à gagner la finale des Bocuse d'Or

Help Giovanna Grossi to reach the podium ! The First Female candidate who will represent her country Brazil at the Bocuse d’Or Competition

Project visual Aidez Giovanna Grossi, la première candidate féminine brésilienne à gagner la finale des Bocuse d'Or
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Aidez Giovanna Grossi, la première candidate féminine brésilienne à gagner la finale des Bocuse d'Or

Hi KissKissbankers !


I'm Julia, french, 24 yeas old and also Chef, passionated by the kitchen universe and everything that touch food ! I think that cooking is a universal language, and I had the chance to participate to Bocuse d'Or 2013 with the Japanese Team : as a Chef, there is nothing more intense and pleasant to see people from all over the world sharing your passion : as I say : we are a big family ! Your colleague turn into your best friends, sharing the same passion. Let me introduce you a girl who could be my Sister : Giovanna Grossi ! And Let help her to reach the podium for the next step : The Bocuse d'Or Final in january !


Giovanna is Brazilian and is one of those young girl who wants to “work hard and go further” (she is only 24 years old!), she was selected to represent her own country at the final of the biggest culinary contest in the World, which was founded by Mr. Paul Bocuse himself !




Giovanna is a passionated women by gastronomy and eat well, she is so epicurean! but above all Giovanna is a hardworker.


Giovanna was born in Maceió a North-East city of  Brazil, she was raised inside the ambiance of the family restaurant and after this experience she decided to start her studies at the Anhembi Morumbi University in São Paulo, deciding afterwards move to France to learn the classics of culinary french techniques and improve her culinary skills.




Giovanna and Mr. Alain Le Cossec MOF (Best Artisan of France) Executive Chef and Culinary Director at the Paul Bocuse Institute.


Giovanna fell in love of France, its culture and gastronomy, throughout two years she worked alongside great chefs of the French cuisine such as Anne-Sophie Pic, Michel Troisgros, Florent Boivin, Alain Le Cossec, Taillevent; then she was called to work  in Spain  at the restaurant Espai Sucre and for Quique da Costa also, during one year.




Giovanna and Chef Michel et César Troisgros in Roanne


After a while working in Europe, she started missing her country which is the reason why she decided to participate during the pre-selection of the Brazilian candidates to the Bocuse d'Or.

Meanwhile Giovanna wanted to push herself into the contest to evaluate her culinary level and demonstrate as well how capable and skillful a young little woman can be, especially in the culinary world.


The Bocuse d’Or in Brazil is represented by the french Chef Laurent Suaudeau who lives in Brazil after 20 years. Chef Suaudeau was sent by Mr. Paul Bocuse to Brazil to be in charge of the single restaurant that is part of the group in Brazil, then he opened few restaurants and a culinary school which until today he shares and passes his expertise.




She couldn’t believe it!!! (she is way too humble…) she WON the selection to represents Brazil during the Latin America cup. Now here we go, with all her team waving the Brazilian flag in Mexico during the Bocuse d’Or Latin America.



Giovanna with her team at the Bocuse d’Or Latin America


Coached by Victor Vasconcellos (Brazilian Chef, Consultant and Executive Chef of several venues).


Giovanna will be representing Brazil with her assistant chef Nicholas Santos (who until today works as assistant chef Sao Paulo’s Hyatt hotel).


The team won the first place and first prize, they will be in Lyon, France during the big international final in January 2017 !!!


Allocation of funds

But there is a financial problem, how to finance such a competition who will take place in France 

Giovanna starts requesting financial support and sponsorship to big food Companies in Brazil, the Brazilian government and others but unfortunately nobody could help her due to the economic crisis that has had a big impact on the Brazilian economy.


We ask everyone who wants to contribute and help Giovanna to pursuit her dream: represent her country and follow her passion, cooking !!!


Along five hours and thirty-five minutes of competition where creativity, culinary performance and deep culinary knowledge are the constraints for the judge members, Giovanna Grossi will be presenting two dishes with a Brazilian-French inspiration, sixteen fish base plates garnished with three different garnishes likewise a meat base dish with three different garnishes served on a tray for sixteen people.

The criteria to choose the winner are: taste, seasoning, cooking techniques, dressing and respect of the product, hygiene, work and no-waste methodology.



Brazilian Fish base plate during the Bocuse d’Or Latin America


Giovanna is already involved, she will distribute all the rest of the dishes and products of her training  to two humanitarian associations of São Paulo, through this she wants to help disadvantaged people to discover Brazilian-french inspiration cuisine !


How is the money will be used ?


The money collected will be used to invest on materials and equipments, but moreover buy the products necessary to Giovanna’s training. In the most part this ingredients must be imported from France and that represents a high cost, since the training demands several weeks and months of practice to improve her performance.


The topics for the “meat dish” are already out: The Bresse’ Chicken with Crustaceans

Only one training session (only for the ingredients for the meat dish (16 servings)) costs more than 260 euros !


The 3400 euros that we would love to collect be used to:


- Financing 12 days of ingredients for the “meat dish” trainings (during the beginning of November)

- 8% commission KissKissBankBank (they did a  fantastic job!)


We hope to exceed this amount in order to also finance the rest of the trainings in November and December and early January and to finance also the trainings to improve the fish dish !


We also would like to be able to organize a cocktail /dinner with pinch of Brazil ! Firstly in Lyon (and why not Paris?) . This dinner will take place after the Bocuse d'Or with Giovanna herself to thank you in person for your participation and support, and especially to unites us around one thing that we love: COOKING!


Here a small calendar to recap:


October / November: collecting donations and  Giovanna’s trainings in Sao Paulo


Early December: Gifts distributions and if we manage to exceed the donations: We will finance the month of december and beginning of January as well !

We could also help his team to come in France (NB: the Bocuse d’Or committee supports travel expenses only for the candidate and his commis)


End of January: Bocuse d'Or and distribution of the latest gifts during the Sirha in Lyon


February: if we could finance all the trainings (November / December / early January). We will organize a big cocktail party with a pinch of Brazil in Lyon and why not Paris?







To follow Giovanna on her food journey:


Facebook PageInstagram profile


To learn more about Bocuse d’Or


Bocuse d'Or Latin America


Brazil is not only about carnaval and Samba :D


Go ahead and do not hesitate to share this page via social media, Giovanna is a very talented chef and she really deserves it !!!


We would like to thank you and we are hoping to see you at the Bocuse d’Or in January 2017!



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