Aidez nous à diffuser les jeux coopératifs!

Why should we play against our friends or family? Discover cooperative games to win as a team!

Project visual Aidez nous à diffuser les jeux coopératifs!
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Aidez nous à diffuser les jeux coopératifs!

Belugames Objective


The goal of Belugames is to promote cooperative games and the skills that it develops.


Belugames will :

- analyze carefully existing and new cooperative games

- organise events dedicated to cooperative games

- lead a blog dedicated to cooperative games and create a community of players

- distribute those games through an online shop

- organise cooperative games seminaries for team building events

- transform rules of existing competitive games to make them cooperative

- medium-term, design new cooperative games 





What is a cooperative game?      


Everybody knows cooperative games without knowing it: building sets, role games, mime, puzzles... But there are also several hundreds of board games that have been designed over the last fifty years. The goal of those games: reach together a common objective like saving animals in danger, building a hut, find a thief, fight against a fire, invent a story, etc





Why should we play cooperative games?   


- A positive game experience

It guarantees a different and always positive game experience which brings a high satisfaction to the group who has worked together to achieve a common goal, for example eradicating a pandemic, cleaning a beach, defending a village… Players learn to unify their forces and use their complementarities.

On the contrary, competitive games can generate frustration and demotivation: losing on purpose to let his child win, win at the cost of the shared positive mood, point out the weaknesses of others,... winners necessarily create losers!



Develop human qualities

Cooperative games allow to create connections: indeed, playing inside a team to reach a common goal requires to listen to others, to assert oneself with his own special skills, to manage conflicts, to negotiate strategies, to trust, to respect others and to call on the group creativity to solve complex problems.


After being experimented and developed in a safe environment, those skills will then be translated to real life experiences in the context of work or life in society.







Project history


Passionated by games since my earliest childhood, i discovered by chance cooperative board games... 

I have been first seduced by the different game experience and the atmosphere both calm and full of active talks. So, i looked for more games and i was happy to discover that there are plenty of games where we can win all together! One thing leading to another, i have been captivated by the wealth and the interest of those innovative games.

Father of two children of 5 and 7, i have quickly noticed a new dynamic: everyone find its place, the smallest are proud to move the pieces and to count the squares, older like remembering the hints and defining strategies. Crisis are over! When we lose, we start again and we stick together to do better! There are also many games for adults which allowed friends of mine to rediscover the joy of playing games after they had stopped playing it.

Moreover, discretely and step by step, we can notice that they develop, inside us and around us, skills that are very different from the ones developed by classic games.

But today, it can be quite tough to identify and to acquire a cooperative game. Thus, i decided to dedicate all my energy to bring awareness to those games, to ease their distribution and their development in order to add a small step towards a better world.





The team









Micheline Flak : Belugames sponsor


Researcher in Education Science and teacher for the french National Education, she founded in 1978, the RYE Research on Yoga in Education and she wrote with Jacques de Coulon, “Des enfants qui réussissent” (Kids who succeed).

Micheline Flak fought since 1970 to bring yoga to the doors of the schools. And she succeeded because the RYE obtained in july 2013 the agreement of the french ministry of National Education.

Micheline Flak participates to numerous conferences on yoga and education, for instance she presented in 2015 on a conference with the following topic: "between games rules and creativity".





Coralie Darsy : Belugames sponsor


Coralie has worked during ten years as a water engineer. Her two kids have opened a new world to her and she investigates the bibliography of positive parenthood and education since a couple of years. One thing leading to another, she decided to extend it broader than the family circle and she followed the RYE training in order to practice yoga with kids. This year, Coralie is following a Montessori training, a teaching method where competition does not exist.





Julien Goetz : Belugames sponsor


Julien Goetz is a comedian, journalist, author and digital designer. He is co-author of the popular  #datagueule web documentary and he has also written the documentary game: "Jeu d'influences" available on France 5 website.






Logo_choyou_small_801-1454193716A huge thank you to Choyou Productions for the logo design and for the video!




Allocation of funds

With 10000 euros of participation, there will be around 3500 euros left to invest after the games shipment, this investment will be split this way:

- purchase of new cooperative games from different countries in order to test it and to use them as demo assets (500 euros)

- creation of a blog + an E-commerce that i will customize myself. I will use your participations to buy a theme (150 euros), nice pictures (150 euros), SEO service in order to become visible on Google (700 euros), 

- a video team will produce interviews of cooperative games authors (1000 euros)

- 5 room rentals to organize cooperative games afternoons (1000 euros)



With an additional 10000 euros, an additional 3500 euros  will be invested in:

- a press relation service during 6 months (2000 euros)

- space rental in a show (1000 euros)

- professional pictures of games and games experience (500 euros)



With even more budget

- reproduce actions listed above

- work with a game designer to create a first Belugames cooperative game

- space rental in the international Spieltage show taking place at Essen, Germany



In parallel, i am going to dedicate 100% of my time and energy to the Belugames project and i will:

- create website

- select relevant cooperative games to sell them on the E-Commerce

- create qualitative pages to describe the games

- manage the logistic associated with the E-Commerce

- create articles and free resources on cooperative games 

- participate to exhibitions and shows

- animate "cooperative games" sessions during professional seminars  

- do "Lego Serious Play" trainings

- build a team

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