Help us take our team to Lebanon for a sporting competition!

Help us take us to Lebanon and we will share our adventure with you!

Project visual Help us take our team to Lebanon for a sporting competition!
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Help us take our team to Lebanon for a sporting competition!

<p>We are Perrine, Servane, Zo&eacute;, Fabien, Charles and Martin. We will be representing the Netherlands at the JIJ 2019 in Lebanon. We are three second-graders and three first-graders who give us thoroughly&nbsp;in our training and in the&nbsp;organization of&nbsp;our trip, but above all we all have a strong attachment to sport. The sport today will allow us to live an incredible adventure that is not offered to us every day.</p> <p>The JIJ (International Youth Games) is a global sporting competition that takes place in the space of 5 days, where the 57 teams belonging to the AEFE from all over the world compete in events such as aquathlon, rock climbing, basketball, rugby, or even trail riding.</p> <p>The JIJ is a human, international, sporting or cultural adventure. It is a unique experience that our team is preparing for. New international encounters are on the horizon, learning about fair play and the taste for competition, but also the notion of sharing.</p> <p>What JIJ will bring us:</p> <ul> <li>&laquo;The JIJ will bring me a unique international experience belonging to the sports and cultural field&raquo; Zoe</li> <li>&ldquo;JIJs are going to give me a great experience that will leave a mark on me for the rest of my life&rdquo; Perrine</li> <li>&laquo;With the JIJ I will discover Lebanese culture and beautiful sports adventures&raquo; Fabien</li> </ul>

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<p>We have an incredible opportunity to participate in JIJ 2019 in Lebanon however this trip is quite expensive. We are trying to raise funds in order to limit the costs that are too high and, if possible, to obtain equipment that will be useful to us throughout the trials.</p> <h3><strong>We have MOTIVATION we only need your HELP and support!</strong></h3> <h2 style="text-align:center"><br /> <strong>A GREAT thanks from our team!</strong></h2>

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