Aidez nous à imprimer nos fabuleux T-shirts !

Trompe l'oeil T-shirts. 100% ORGANIC cotton. Non toxic inks.

Project visual Aidez nous à imprimer nos fabuleux T-shirts !
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Aidez nous à imprimer nos fabuleux T-shirts !

"…100% ORGANIC cotton T-shirts, with brand new, amazing designs... this all stems from the very original initiative of young entrepreneurs based in Sommières, an attractive medieval city in the south of France. Their hyperrealist designs are made of vector images created with curves produced by mathematical formulae. The quality is absolutely perfect…even from very close up!"




"If you can't afford to participate financially…don't hesitate to show you like our T-shirts via our Facebook account. Thank you!"





We want to find out more…Tell us about your project! Well…It all started one spring morning about 10 years ago, when my father (…who often has very good ideas) said to me: "…if I was 20 years younger, I'd make trompe l'oeil T-shirts…". I myself had been mucking around for a few years with Illustrator (graphic design software) & Photoshop (photo retouch software). This statement just hit home with me…I thought it was an excellent idea, but I also knew that the transformation of cotton into T-shirts wasn't exactly a gift to mankind's health, nor to the planet. So I started playing around trying to turn graphics into hyperrealist images…all the while trying to buy T-shirts…and without taking any further part in the ecological disaster linked to their manufacture. Not an easy task! Developing this activity without advocating the use of toxic substances, and respecting mankind and the planet at each stage of the production, gradually became an obsession. The goal was to be able to offer not only completely organic T-shirts, but also to make them particularly original, hypoallergenic, ultra comfortable, printed on demand with non toxic inks and packaged for delivery in 100% recyclable and biodegradable envelopes! Years later…I am more animated than ever by this amazing challenge!




And where do you stand with it today? I created the very first version of the website in 2006. There have been many, many more since…it is extremely time-consuming. From design to programming - and I thank osCommerce forums :) …to brainstorming for ideas and creating the designs, not forgetting communicating with potential service providers…in short, thousands of hours of work! It also involved many periods of doubt (I had to put this project on the back burner for 21 months due to health reasons…) and calling the project into question…Nevertheless, I lived all this with a passion, alongside my main job in a national institute of advanced studies. Even if this is something of the project of a lifetime…I haven't sacrificed my family either! My greatest pride is to have lived happily ever after with Fran, who has given me 3 beautiful children: Jade, Gauthier and Morane…who are all part of the team! But I digress…let's come back to your question…today it is my great pleasure to announce that VECSH.COM is at last ready, and completely finalized. Our family business adventure can now begin :)


But what about the T-shirts? Our T-shirts are high quality products, certified 100% organic and manufactured exclusively by renewable energies (wind and sun). The cotton used is cultivated and handpicked by people whose working conditions are protected by the Fair Wear Foundation. It's an independent structure (non profit) created at the initiative of entrepreneurs from the fashion sector, syndicates and societal organizations. It aims to obtain decent working conditions for the clothing sector worldwide. Its code of conduct is based on compliance with ILO International Labor Conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations. And these are not empty words! …This organization regularly and clearly communicates the measures taken by its member companies in favor of their employees' working conditions.




Ha ha!…you are a bunch of environmental-idealists, is that it?? We are just responsible and passionate people, who simply wish to make a great dream come true: to develop an activity that motivates us…we have so many ideas! And we are ready to invest ourselves 3000%. On the express condition that it is done in the best and most honest way possible. This is why you can read on VECSH.COM: certified organic textile, manufactured from "green printing" and with recycled packaging! Our approach is simple - to respect the planet at each step…it's only common sense!




You look amusing with your T-shirt ideas, but...where do you want to take this? It would just be amazing to make our brand known to the world. But what would be even better would be to allow others to benefit from our expertise! So VECSH will also offer ecological printing services on ORGANIC textile to collectivities, businesses, individuals, associations, artists…anyone who wishes to express themselves using this medium. If all goes well, we are thinking about opening a space where our visitors can come and relax to music, have a coffee, see our T-shirts, and…watch great illustrators work on our future designs! In the meantime…we have a secured Internet website in four different languages (French, English, Spanish and German) and we invite all talented people to suggest their designs on-line. Dozens of new "larger-than-life" designs are already under consideration!




Let's finish with the "killer question", ha ha!: why are you not borrowing from banks, from mom and dad, from your family, from your friends? And what about your personal contribution? Are you investing yourself at all? Quite the opposite, it is a very good question. About French banks…you know as well as I do that they hate novelty and innovation, and that unfortunately they severely lack temerity. As for family and friends…even though they firmly believe in our project, even if they are encouraging us to persevere…they cannot afford to invest. And "mom and dad" have already done enough for us ;) Nevertheless, we are convinced that all these people will help us out through kisskissbankbank ! As for our personal contribution, it already amounts to over...8 years of our time, and we've stopped counting the number of PCs and Macs we've killed while working on this project. And when the desire to achieve something is there but the funds are lacking, you work really hard, you don't count the amount of hours you spend on it, you do what you can to get there but you cannot capitalize. A few days ago we didn't know about crowdfunding. Today we think it would be a great mistake to miss out on this opportunity! This is why we have chosen, as it seemed to be a must in the sphere of participative financing platforms.




To conclude… like true sportsmen, motivated, strong-willed and determined. we've completed our preparation phase. We are ready…and at our full potential…we are in the starting blocks! So be sure that we'll give it our all...and we thank you in advance for your support!


By Manuel Destenay (aka Mandes), founder of VECSH


VECSH Don't Trust Your Eyes® 11 rue Jean Moulin - 30250 Sommières - France Website : Email : Tel : 06 52 41 26 91.

Allocation of funds

VECHS, the incredible T-shirt, is ready to be put into orbit! So, please... before leaving this page... know that we would be delighted if you were to accept to invest in our project, even if it's as little as 1€.


But honestly...."What is this fund raiser for...?" It's very simple - to set up a space dedicated to our activity, and most of buy THE equipment which will allow us to print our T-shirt ourselves with ecological inks (pigment and water based inks). These are amazing inks which never lose their color, the best currently on the market. We also wish to buy this equipment so as not to be dependent on anyone and obtain an incredible print quality (high definition) to manufacture our T-shirts….the most beautiful in the addition to being the most wholesome! I am saying "we" as I know I can count on Jade's expertise (information/communication), on that of her partner Yan (sales/management), on Fran's meticulousness (management/logistics) and on Got and Mo's availability (social media) to bring all the skills necessary for the smooth running and development of the business.




"Equipment"…? ...It's a little vague!  The heart of it is the printer. A BROTHER GT-3 SERIES. An amazing machine, certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100. It bears the prestigious Blue Angel Label (as do the inks it uses, which I repeat are water based, and contain no solvents or heavy metals). In order to fix the inks permanently, we need a heat press. If we can add this equipment to the great skills of our little team…it will create an alchemy, a magic potion that will enable us to work hard, ever harder - and always cheerfully :) …for the greatest pleasure (but also for the health) of millions of T-shirt wearers. And do you know how many there are? Well, neither do we…but for sure they are many!




But…why buy a machine instead of having your T-shirts printed by a professional? Wouldn't it be simpler? It's what we had envisaged at first…but we didn't find anyone who fulfilled our requirements. We've searched for a long time, and we even thought we had found someone…but the silk-screen printer that we had selected (a very pleasant man from Brittany) suddenly had a change of career! After that...either the prices weren't reasonable, the delivery times were far too long, or the high definition print with non-toxic inks was not satisfactory, etc. We finally came to the conclusion that we had to do this ourselves to reduce both cost and delivery times, but also so as not to take any risks with the print quality of our designs.




What do you offer that is so different for you to warrant being financed? Our designs are incredible. Original. Never seen before…anywhere else. They are printed in high definition with exceptional water based inks on guaranteed 100% organic T-shirts. We tell all our buyers how to wash them 100% naturally, without ever using any toxic products. On the other hand…57 grams of fertilizer and 16 grammes of pesticides would have been sprinkled over your favorite T-shirt made of conventional cotton! You also have to know that from cultivation to harvesting, the cotton you are wearing most often can have been treated up to 20 times against parasites (doesn't that make you itch a little…?). Due to their toxicity, these treatments kill tens of thousands of people who enter in contact with them every year. Different…because for all these reasons we will never sell products made from conventional cotton cultivation. Because we only wish to work with efficient but definitely honest companies, who are fully committed to human fundamental rights and concerned about the protection of human health and the environment (decent remuneration, refusal to use child labor, forced labor and slavery, natural cotton cultivation, energy saving manufacturing processes, appropriate methods for treatment of waste, natural inks, a guaranteed wholesome final product containing no toxic substances and that can be worn directly on the skin). Different…because we are convinced that a business must be a pleasant place to live in, an ecosystem with a team geared towards the same goal: to see the realization of one's own dreams within the business. So employees must feel good within the business! And in order to achieve this, they must be encouraged to make decisions, they must be able to put forward their own ideas, make suggestions. Each employee has to think they are the happiest person there…and the most important! Each of them will then take their own personal destiny in charge, to the great benefit of their business. This is a vision which is not necessarily shared by all entrepreneurs.




OK, thanks. Do you have anything to add? We have already worked thousands of hours for the love of it, without any outside help, and we are still highly motivated! However, well, we don't need to draw you a picture... Nothing appears just by snapping your fingers. In order to continue, we now need to set up a structure, have work premises, buy powerful computers and software, get stock, but also continue to think, to imagine, to design, to draw, to test, to print... and on this subject, the printer and press alone cost over €25,000... We also need to develop our e-commerce website... Yes... We need all this in order to produce our first collection seriously... And more even... Such as? We need to communicate! So, today we know: the future of VECHS, the incredible T-shirt, is in your hands! Be quite sure that if you do help us out, we won't disappoint you. We will be behind our screens 24/7 for the duration of this 60-day campaign. And we will shout with joy at every Euro donated. I did say, every Euro! So, if thousands of you donate 1 Euro to our project, talk about it on social networks (you can like VECHS on Facebook here!) ...we would be overwhelmed. Thanks in advance to all those who will support the incredible T-shirt!... and thanks also to all the kisskissbankbank team for their awesome venture.



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