Aidez Salvia à faire frémir Londres !

Help performer Salvia Badtripes represent the alternative burlesque world from France!!! WORLD BURLESQUE GAMES 2013 & CIRQUE LE SOIR

Project visual Aidez Salvia à faire frémir Londres !
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Aidez Salvia à faire frémir Londres !



Photo : Patrick Siboni




The World Burlesque Games, organised by the great Chaz Royal and Betty D'light, is one of the biggest and best Burlesque festival in Europe; in short, let's say it's the equivalent of the Olympic game for the art of Stripping. For 5 days, all burlesque-loving eyes will be staring in that direction !

Of the hundreds of candidates from all over the world for this event, only 50 or so have been selected… including Salvia Badtripes !!!

THIS is an incredible opportunity for her : Help Salvia seize it !!!




And since one piece of good news deserves another, on top of being selected for the WBG, Salvia

Badtripes has been hired by the famous CIRQUE LE SOIR to embody her famous freaky creatures for 3 nights !


Le Cirque le Soir is LE club combining high quality hot music, top notch performances and VIP clients. The place was such a success that they opened more : Shangai, Dubai… the most famous names of modern cabaret have performed on its stage, to quote a few :  Aurora StarrMr Pustra...





Squeaky automaton, Burtonian princess, unseizable creatures, death priestess…

As it is the first time Salvia takes part in an international concours, Salvia has invested a lot to make London shiver with a new performance :


- music composed especially for this occasion

- style projection and realisation of the costume in collaboration with a designer

- writing and production of a video which will be projected during the show

- hard core training and lessons in order to achieve the most precise body expression of the character on stage


Vidéo : Aurélien S.



And for Cirque Le Soir, let do the place to great spectacular freaky show :


- a new costume

- a new crazy make-up

- fire juggling!





Photo : Fabien Petit


Allocation of funds


Photo : Ombilik Prod


But all this dream requires money to come true… and here you come in the picture !

To you all who have been following my adventures for a year, two, less or more, to you who are discovering me right now, to you who know me as the Lettingo Cabaret producer, as a Burlesque artist, or as a performer during electro parties…




London would be an amazing stepping stone for me. Producers, party planners, cultural program organisers… they will all be there ! What an advertisement for my name and career !  And all these people could finally help me achieve my biggest dream : BEING ABLE TO LIVE FROM MY PASSION !


However, this year, after having financed myself 3 travels abroad to perform as well as 2 master classes (very expensive) with international stars, and without counting expenses for the costumes and accessories to prepare this year's new performances…

10 days to London… my wallet said no.


But all hope is not lost, since YOU are here!

1339 friends on Facebook… 0.60€ per person

818 fans on Facebook…. 1€ per person

and it's done!


What's a euro? A tip for your waiter when you eat out? the coin you give to the nice guy who's made you laugh in the metro with his guitar? The price of a coffee?

We can do it, don't you think?!



My budget : 800 euros


3 things to be aware of:

- since I have to guarantee the exclusivity to the World Burlesque Game during the festival, the shows in Cirque le Soir can only happen the week after the WBG

- the WBG does not reimburse my expenses nor pays me

- le Cirque le Soir does not reimburse my expenses and the pay I will receive from them will only be used to pay for my accommodation or to pay for my costume



- Return trip Paris-London in Eurostar : 84 € (ticket is not flexible, not reimbursable)


- Accommodation for 10 days in London : 300 €

(hoping to count on friends' generosity, and some night at a hostel at 50euros min. per night)


- transport in London : 100€ (8£ per day plus return after the performances with a cab)


- fire gear : 52€ (structures, wicks, petrol…)


- finalisation of the costumes : 200€

(cost of a wig 50€, new assorted make up 50€, shoes accessories…)


- the 8% Kiss Kiss Bank Bank`s tax : 64€


Thank you for reading this all and thank you all in advance for your support!

Don't hesitate and share with friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, billionaire cousins and other generous sponsors.


And on top of all that, if this London mini tour really happens, you'll be able to follow the adventure day by day on Facebook!



Photo : Paris-Emoi

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