Album Captain Americano - Hommage à Luis

Join the release of the album Captain Americano scheduled for early 2016, as would have liked Luis

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Album Captain Americano - Hommage à Luis

In May 2015, we started to record the first album of Captain Americano at Sexy Studio (Paris), with cool people


Update 19/12/2015

Mise en ligne du Clip de Captain Americano - Beach Song (You've got no)



Traduction Anglais (Encore un grand merci à Floriane Fontaine)


Hello everybody,


A few weeks ago, Captain Americano was still talking and laughing over a drink, planning a crowdfunding campaign, with its steps and goodies, in order to help the launch of a new album. Today we are not as happy about it anymore.


After speaking to the family and also between us, we have decided to do the best we can to honour the memory of Luis and to launch this album that he had worked on so hard, trying to get the best songs of the world.


What is left to do ?

Simple answer. We will do everything in our power to let people know how talented Luis was, how different he was.


Specifically, what is left to do regarding to the album ?

When Luis left, the album recordings were finished. His voice keeps ringing in our minds, over and over again.

We have to do things as he would have expected : to mix with high requirement those 14 tracks we have to get something amazing ! Hard work but we are going to give he best of ourselves to honour his memory.





Crowdfunding goal

Working on an album is an expensive thing. Good work is not free, and could be quite expensive.


The project direct fees are :


recording session in the studio (paid ± 1800€)

mixing (in progress ± 2000€)

Mastering (to do ± 1000€)

Artwork (to do ± 600€)

Digipack, Vinyle- (to do 500CD ± 750€)

Other costs (broadcasting rights, shipping fees, etc).


If you want to calculate it more specifically, please be my guest.


The crowdfunding goal is to help us to work on the project, but we are really going to do our utmost whatever the money we will earn. That’s why he have fixed an arbitrary target amount of 5000€ to reach.


How much can you give ?

Minimum contribution : 5€

No maximum contribution fixed so far.





It is not about a real reward according to the donation you will do but we hope you will understand the action.

Each supporter who gave between 5€ and 10€ will receive the album in digital version.

Each supporter who gave 10€ or  more will receive  a physical album (we have no idea yet of what it will look like but it is going to be awesome, trust me).


We don’t have any final strategy, we are committed to thanking supporters who have given more than others, a very special way (we don’t know yet how exactly).


Useful information

We will make sure that nobody would find any personal interest in it.




Why should you take part ?

If you are reading me right now, it is because you knew Luis, whether you are close or not, and his music, his good mood, his chilean accent nearly hidden, and his love for “apéro” (having a drink with his friends).


For those who didn’t know Luis, or Captain Americano, what can I say… Please just go to our Facebook page to listen to some rock music.


Please don’t feel indebt. The goal here is to share our love of music, our passion.


Two months ago, we were shooting our first video for Beach Song. The song is taken from the album, we were teasing a bit about it. The video is nearly finished. We will publish it in a few days. Luis wouldn’t have seen it.


This guy loved life, he was sweet, strong, talented, generous, in love. We belong to the musicians who had the honour to play with Luis. Each time you will listen to his music, Luis won’t be dead. 



Ci-dessous, la petite description du groupe que nous avions suggéré à Luis ce vendredi 13 pour nous permettre de démarcher des salles, des webzines, etc. Il avait dit que c'était pas mal.





Here is a link to a video by Pampa Production in tribute to Luis, from his last show at Bus Palladium in Paris on October the 24th.







Luis, toujours au top !











Allocation of funds


Money to do what ?

Whatever the amount earnt, we will take the right decisions to make this album with the best quality.

If by any chance we reach to earn more money than expected for the project, we will use it wisely in order to pay tribute to Luis thanks to videos, live recordings, artworks or anything else (suggestions please!).

We will try to be transparent about the money earnt and its use. 







Choose your reward

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Estimated delivery: April 2016

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