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YÖRÜK is first of all a story of friendship between the three of us: Nathalie Martinez, Sabrina Kadri and Marina Oboussier. The common thread: a passion for singing and music, a lot of complicity, laughter and sometimes tears. Carried at the beginning by Nathalie's enthusiastic and unifying impulse, we have, over the years and through our concerts, found our way to travel together and take our audience on a musical journey in the countries around the Mediterranean, the Balkans and as far as the borders of Russia. Our voices combine - like our personalities - in harmony, accompanied by a multitude of instruments, such as violin, accordion, guitar, bouzouki, viola, cello and percussion. Our songs, taken from the traditional repertoire, evoke fraternity, speak of love, separation, and the loss of a loved one; a universal subject that knows no borders. The melodies, sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholic, touch us, move us, often make us want to dance.

YÖRÜK's forthcoming album, with the eponymous title, is meant to be a bit like a travel diary. It's not an achievement in itself, but rather the wish to put down our suitcases before setting off again, a way to share with you, our public, the road we've travelled, and to let you discover our impressions of our travels.

For this, we need your support. This participative financing will help us to finalize our "travel album". Each participation, whether small or large, will have its importance, will delight us and will contribute to the realization of our beautiful project entirely self-produced. We have imagined this collection as a presale, with some nice surprises! For each of you, there will be a counterpart giving you the privilege to (re-)discover YÖRÜK in preview, whatever your budget. If you don't wish to receive any compensation, but would like to help us anyway, you can make a donation in the amount of your choice! So don't wait, we're on our way, our album should be released in spring!

Allocation of funds

The budget for the realization of our album is composed as follows:

Recording - 7 days x 300€ : 2,100.00

Mixing - 10 tracks x 200€ : 2 000,00€.

Mastering, DDP and CD editing: €1,020.00

 Graphic Design Pouch: 355,00€.

SDRM (mechanical reproduction rights): 217,47€.

Pressing - 1000 CDs, Digifile, not cellophaned: 969,00€.

Put on Platforms : 99,00€.

8% commission and bank charges KissKissBankBank: 240,00€.

TOTAL : 7 000,47€!

Your kind participation will cover the equivalent of the Mixing and Mastering costs of our album. Thank you very much!



Nathalie Martinez


Sabrina Kadri


Marina Oboussier


Trio Yörük

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