Alex Millan - TIMECOLORS - New Album

Take part in the launch and distribution of my... Your last album TIMECOLORS. If you also want to give colors to Time !!!

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Alex Millan - TIMECOLORS - New Album

(English subtitles available by clicking the appropriate option, at right bottom of the video, once launched.)


Proud and happy to present you TIMECOLORS , a 'fully completed album' in its composition, music production and arrangements. 


Following numerous record releases and DJ gigs abroad, I am determined to self-produce this album of heart and conviction, which I invested myself in as a writer, composer, and for the first time performer... two years of my life and without a doubt the best musical project I've done so far


Why autoproduction? Because I want 'to have the choice' on how to produce this new album that represents so much to me and decide of my collaborators and stakeholders. 


With your participation, I'll be able to give birth to TIMECOLORS and surround myself with true professionals to ensure 'a major program of communication': radio, TV, press, web, videos, photos, graphics, press kit, cd ...). All is said! This project is just waiting to be yours.




TIMECOLORS is an intense and deeply personal story  which I invite you to dive in. Most important is your participation whatever the contribution.


By 'joining me' in this adventure, you will be introduced somehow to the production of a musical project, an intriguing as well as exciting area . We will stay in constant contact to share and keep you informed of any progress. All together, let's co-produce and take up the challenge!


And to give full dimension to the project, two other versions, one more 'electro' (dancefloor), the other 'acoustic', are being developed.


The musical style? A combination of electronic music and Nordic pop, such as an updated "New Wave". In summary: "Electropopnewwave." With TIMECOLORS, I develop an additional aspect of my original artistic style.



(Discover the 13 tracks of my album with the player below. Point on the tracks in the player and use the scrollbar to see them all).


Allocation of funds

Your participation will fund half of the overall cost of the operation. The other half will be covered by the support provided by local communities, grants and personal funds.


The overall cost of the operation amounts to: € 20,000.

The amount of crowdfunding is: € 10,000.




The objective is to go beyond the € 10,000 target for even greater opportunities and more chances of success. 


Your participation + My investment = TIMECOLORS.


Thank you for supporting this project and adding your colors to my time. 


Musically yours,



Many thanks to (they have greatly contributed to the realization of TIMECOLORS):


Maria Rosa (inspiration principale)

Luis Azemar (voix chœurs)

Lucas Itié (guitares)

Johnny Rivière (conseils artistiques et technique son)

Annabelle Arbonville (anglais)

Edouard Stefanik (conseils et stratégie de communication)

Vincent Oleg (conseils)

Patrick Michel (conseils)

Théo Sauvage (video)


Also thank you to:


Nadia Djabella for its backing on the title « See And Sound ».

Arno Riva for its synth parts on the title « Feeling Coming ».


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