Alice Hills EP recordings

In September 2016 I started working on my new EP. With your support it should be released at the End of this Month!

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Alice Hills EP recordings

Hello and welcome to my first crowdfunding campaign. 

Since September I've been working on my new EP. Which I've been recording in Berlin at 'Klubhaus Records' and in Paris. I recorded it with the help of my band and string quartette.

The EP is gonna be my best work yet!

But I need your support to realize this project, to make it heard.

Please watch my crowdfunding video. 

I am very grateful for any support. 

Much love Xx Alice



Please Note:

* All rewards will be shipped internationally

* Most exclusive rewards like the songbook, painting, lessons .. will only be available now, during the campaign.


Allocation of funds

To pay for the band and string quartette,

For the studio time + the great producers (Matteo Tambussi, Matt Fargher - 'Klubhaus Records' Berlin), the Mastering, the Graphic (means design of the cover ets.), for  the CDs press. So you can actually hold a physical copy in your hands one day and of course for the great rewards, i prepared for you.

If we pass the goal or there is anything left, it would be used for promotion and similiar.




Musician :

String quartett arrangement + Musicians = 280 € ++

Band= 350 €


Producers : 400 € (inkl. Mix)


Studio time: 500€


Mastering: ca. 200€


Graphic : ca. 300 €


Crowdfunding Video: 100 €


EP's press : 600 €


Rewards: 600€


and  and  and.....



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Estimated delivery: January 2017

Alice Hills' hand painted self portrait.
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