aliceBoat bientôt une entreprise !

Support me to finally have a boat that offers activities tailored for trips accessible to all!

Project visual aliceBoat bientôt une entreprise !
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aliceBoat bientôt une entreprise !

My project,

I want to propose tailor-made walks accessible to all, with all the activities that make you dream, like trip with dolphins, fishing, snorkeling, water sports and much more !!!

If all goes well, I'll open for summer 2018 !!


From Cap d'Ail, Monaco, Nice, Menton ... We will compose together the program of your private cruise for your (re) discovery of the French Riviera.


After 10 years of experience in the Yacht Industry I was able to see that the pleasure of the sea was reserved for a minority. It must change !! The sea is ours !!! Come on the aliceBoat for an unforgettable moment, funny and full of adventure !!



Allocation of funds

For this I must open my company, I change my flag for a Belgian Commercial Pavilion and I prepare the boat!

All this has a cost, that's why I need you !!


The campaign aims to raise € 7,000, at a minimum € 6,100. Without this money, I will not be able to open my company and take you on the water!


EXPENSES POSITIONS: (I will collect the entire collection)

1) To set up my business it would take 900 €


2) To pass the Belgian commercial Flag it would take 2000 €

- Registration in commercial flag 800 €

- Expect the removal of an expert from Belgium 1000 €

- Paper costs France / Belgium 200 €


3) and to prepare the boat it would take 3200 €

- Shippiard, exit from the water, parking 400 €

- Engine Services 200 €

- Repair valves seawater 300 €

- Fixation red band floats 400 €

- Auto pilot, buy 800 € and install 500 €

- 12 lifejackets at 50 € = 600 €


The boat is at the port of Cap d'Ail, I have to pay between 350 and 750 € per month, that too is a huge cost to manage.


And if the goal is exceeded?

This will give me more perspective to improve the boat and the activities! I count on you !


You want to get in touch with me? You can send me a message from my website or my Facebook page

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