The meeting between Aline Sitoé Diatta & ATEMIT the Diola god who summoned her to save her village from colonial rule

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PITCH: Sénégal 1940. Alone in the street of a strange city, populated by strange people, ALINE wanders. Suddenly, the city is filled with a mist that buries ALINE. She wakes up in a mystical world where everything seems to be reversed. The sky is made of waves and the ground is covered with clouds. It is there that a spectre approaches her. The specter reveals to her that it is ATEMIT the the great god DIOLA, and that he summons ALINE to become his high priestess. PROPOSAL OF STAGING: Instead of personifying God and representing this meeting as a conversation, I would like to illustrate it by an abstract dance number that would be divided into four sequences with a voice-over superimposed. This voice-over would be the dialogue of the conversation. SEQUENCE 1 This is the main dance number, this is the conversation between ALINE & ATEMIT which will be in OFF. It is necessary to make understand the fear and the confusion of ALINE as well as the hold that ATEMIT tries to have on her through the choreography. SEQUENCE 2 ALINE has now become the high priestess, no longer the girl who ran away from ATEMIT. This is her power sequence. This is what happens in the interiority of the Stage. This number is a solo by the dancer who interprets ALINE. SEQUENCE 3 SOLO BY ATEMIT ATEMIT, the great Diola god, sees his village sink little by little under the influence of the colonizers. Nevertheless, as long as the Diola people perpetuate the rites to his honor, he decides not to get involved in the lives of men. SEQUENCE 4 In this sequence I would like a Djembe player dressed in a green suit on a green background to play a wild Tam Tam rhythm. A 3D animation of Casamance will be superimposed, which tells its own story, because it is also a character in the film. For this, I intend to work with the artists Blanche & Louise Lafarge. Costume proposals : For the costumes I plan to work with the Senegalese artist Baay Soley. His style, halfway between traditional dress and afro-futurism neo-punk, fits perfectly with the neo-history style I imagine for this scene. ALINE COSTUME 1 ALINE COSTUME 2 ATEMIT COSTUME DANCERS ALINE - SHELLY OHENE-NYAKO ATEMIT – IVAN LARSON

Allocation of funds

From 800 euros - we will have enough to rent all the technical equipment. from 1200 euros - this will cover all the additional costs i.e. transport, food and props from 2000 euros - this will allow us to pay the crew and the dancers, musicians and costume designer a minimal salary. from 2500 euros - this would pay a decent salary. from 3000 euros - this would allow us to pay for professional color grading and mixing.


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