ALITSH produces his 2nd EP & Music Video

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ALITSH produces his 2nd EP & Music Video

Alitsh is a franco-egyptian music composer, arranger & producer based in Paris. He picked up his guitar at 18 and worked so hard to make his first concert the following year. Since then, he performed more than 40 live shows with different rock, metal & rock n’ roll bands across Egypt & Europe as a bass & guitar player. 

Influenced by a lot of artists and genres, Alitsh decided in early 2020 to make a new move by creating his solo project aiming to produce for other artists and to score for movies, advertisements & documentaries. Passionate of rock, metal, ambient, orchestral & electronic music fusion Alitsh has developed his skills through more than 10 years of experience in order to bring his instrumental originals to life. He autoproduced his first EP “Chasing Lights” in September 2020 where rock, metal & ambient music are the dominant genres.

He also release his first music video THE BRIDGE in November 2020.

He is actually working on his second EP where a new fusion of orchestral and oriental arrangements will take the lead while maintaining a solid base of rock & ambient genres. He's also working on his 2nd music video to be released soon.

Alitsh has always considered the music as his number one passion. After several years of practice & network development he realised that music is more than a passion or hobby. He works day & night on his solo project in order to achieve his main goal, a musician for the musiciens and for films scoring. He is then on serious path of professionalism.

Important Milestones of 2020:

  • 02/2020: Founder of Z-Pulse Association
  • 03/2020: Alitsh Music Solo project start
  • 06/2020: Release of Far Away single
  • 07/2020: Completed Ableton Pro certification course
  • 09/2020: Release of Chasing Lights EP
  • 09/2020: Completed sound mixing course
  • 11/2020: Release of The Bridge music video


Allocation of funds

The goal of this crowdfunding is to help me with the budget needed for the 2nd EP and 2nd music video production.

  • 2nd Music video (estimated release March 2021) = 1200 euros
  • 2nd EP Mixing and mastering (estimated release March 2021) = 1000 euros
  • Photo shooting = 500 euros
  • Production of 100 CD = 150 euros
  • Digital marketing = 650 euros
  • 8% KissKissBank commission 

I am then going to consider 1800€ on my own expenses while hoping that the crowdfunding would handle the rest 2000€ :)

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Pack: Big Sound


For only 30 euros get both CDs of my 1st & 2nd EP in addition to the digital versions :)
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  • Availability: 19/20
  • Estimated delivery April 2021

2nd EP - Digital


Not found of CDs and you lean on simplicity? Choose this option and I’ll send you over the download link ofmy 2nd EP once released
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  • Estimated delivery April 2021

CD of the 2nd EP


Choose this option & you will get a signed off CD cover ;)
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  • Estimated delivery April 2021

2nd EP CD + T-shirt


Here you will a white t-shirt with my logo in addition to the 2nd EP CD :)
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  • Availability: 3/6
  • Estimated delivery April 2021

Mixing Boost


your donation will be used for the mixing and mastering budget of the 2nd EP. Your name will appear in the aknowledgement section of thecover :)
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  • Estimated delivery March 2021

Music Video Boost


your donation will be used for my 2nd music video shooting. Your name will appear in the aknowledgements of the Youtube video :)
  • Estimated delivery February 2021

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