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<p><em>ALLTO</em><em>?</em><em> WHAT&rsquo;S </em><em>THAT?</em></p><p><strong>Allto</strong><strong> </strong>is a company created by 9 teenagers of 18 years old selling scarves with a social purpose. To render&nbsp;<strong>your</strong>&nbsp;scarves even more unique, we propose to personalize them. The scarves are sold in pairs and you are able to add a same phrase to both. Concerning the&nbsp;social aspect, we let the buyer choose to donate the second scarf to an acquaintance (family, friend, loved ones), or to entrust us with the task to give it away to someone in need (homeless or refugee).</p><p><em>OUR PRODUCT</em></p><p>Our 25 centimeters broad by 180 centimeters long handmade scarves are made out of high-quality fleece from Belgian origin &ndash; perfect for a warm and comfortable feeling!</p><p>You can&nbsp;personalize&nbsp;your scarves by writing a message on both of them!We leave you the choice to&nbsp;offer&nbsp;your second scarf to an acquaintance (family, friend, loved one, &hellip;), or to entrust us with the task to give it to someone in need (homeless or refugee), with the help of two local organizations.By offering your second scarf to someone in need, you officially become&nbsp;Ambassador of Solidarity!</p>

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<p>Allto&nbsp;is starting a new publicity campaign. We created the Allbox, a giant bright orange box. This box, the size of a changing room, will travel in all major sights in Brussels, Belgium. People will be invited to go inside the box and discover what lies inside. Inside the box will be projected a video to spread awareness on the subject of solidarity.&nbsp;</p>

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