Amélioration de la GPAO dans DOLIBARR

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Amélioration de la GPAO dans DOLIBARR

Dolibarr's computer-aided manufacturing features help you manage manufacturing orders, nomenclatures, stock movements and workstations. This integrated solution makes it possible to oversee your products and their manufacturing. We are now perfecting these modules to further improve and simplify manufacturing management in Dolibarr. In order to meet the demands of users of the Dolibarr community, we offer to develop this essential part into the core of the Dolibarr ERP / CRM! What is Dolibarr exactly? Created in 2003 in France, the Dolibarr ERP / CRM is an open source application designed to manage your business or association. Since its inception, Dolibarr ERP / CRM never stopped improving: it is supported by a strong community, mainly in France, but also abroad. Dolibarr boasts 2000 downloads a week and releases two major versions every year.

Allocation of funds

To structure the project, we established several development levels. We then conducted a survey and chose to retain the following 5. We will keep you regularly informed on the project and the milestones reached! Level 1 : Optimization of batch and serial numbers in Manufacturing Orders (MOs) - €2800 We would like to make serial number management in Manufacturing Orders more user friendly by adding the following elements: On a MO sheet, on the "Production" tab, in the consumption table listing required products: In the “Lot/Serial” field: Addition of a drop-down list (with search-as-you-type capability) enabling you to choose from existing batch / serial numbers. If a warehouse is entered, this list will be filtered dynamically to only display the serial numbers that are relevant to the selected warehouse. If no warehouse is selected, all relevant serial numbers will be available for selection. When the user selects one, the corresponding warehouse will then be filled automatically if it exists. Addition of a "+" button on every line featuring a product that uses lots/serial numbers. This button will add a new line to enter a quantity, warehouse and another serial number for consumption upon saving. LEVEL 2 : Managing child Manufacturing Orders Goal - €3300 When creating a Manufacturing Order (MO) from a BOM containing sub-BOMs, it will be possible to choose whether you want to create a single MO or as many sub-MOs as you have sub-nomenclatures. In the form for creating a Manufacturing Order from a BOM, on each product line containing a BOM, a checkbox will be available: If the box is checked, a sub-MO will be created for this sub-nomenclature If this box is not checked, only one MO will be created for the parent product LEVEL 3 : Creation of a "Manufacturing process" module Goal: + €7600 Creation of a "Manufacturing Process" module to define the chronological order of manufacture and the various stages of production. Dolibarr v14 offers several modules to manage the manufacturing process: Nomenclatures (BOM) - Stable - Used to define the composition of a product. The components can be products or services. Manufacturing Order (MO) - Stable - Allows you to manufacture a product from a bill of materials to decrease the stock of components and increase the stock of the final product. Workstation - Development - Allows you to define a workstation and link it to a group of users and / or resources. None of the above modules allow you to define the chronological order of the different steps necessary to manufacture a product. A Manufacturing Process module will be created to define such a process. The “Manufacturing process” (MP) module will be the link between the BOM / workstation modules and the Manufacturing Order module. Indeed, the MP module must offer an interface to define several steps and link each of them to a workstation and several products (from a nomenclature). It will be possible to create a MO directly from this MP module LEVEL 4 : Creation of a Manufacturing Order directly from a sales order Goal: + €2800 It will be possible to create a Manufacturing Order directly from a sales order. A MO tab will be added to the sales order cards. This tab will list products from the order with at least one BOM. This list will have the following columns: BOM: single-choice select used to choose the BOM of the product to be used for manufacturing Physical stock: taken from the product card Virtual stock: taken from the product card Quantity to be manufactured: pre-filled with the ordered product quantity (taken from the sales order) Manufacturing warehouse: single-choice select listing warehouses A checkbox will be available on each line allowing you to select one or more products. A “Create MO(s)” button will allow you to create as many MOs as there are selected product lines. The MOs thus created will take their third party and project settings from the order. The label of the MO will hold the reference of the sales order. When creating MOs from orders, the MOs will appear under "related objects" on the order cards. Conversely, the orders will be listed as related objects on the MO cards. LEVEL 5 : Quick manufacturing feature Objective: + €2800 It will be possible to create a MO in one click or to carry out equivalent stock movements if the MO module is not enabled. A “Quick manufacturing” button will be added to the BOM sheets and will point to a new “Quick manufacturing” tab on the BOM sheet. For more information, please visit our dedicated page!


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