Amhell Barefoot and her Backdoor Men

Recording session goal: 6000€ to help us to make our dream come true!

Project visual Amhell Barefoot and her Backdoor Men
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Amhell Barefoot and her Backdoor Men

Rhythm and blues singer since a couple of years, I started Amhell and her Backdoor Men in 2018.

I got no shoes, BUT, i can move the mountains ! I share the stage with my very talented little backdoor men crew


We made 12 songs that you 'll be able to hear on stage during our Recording Party in Strasbourg, on Sunday July 25th (all the information will soon be updated through the Amhell and her Backdoor Men Facebook page). Now is the time to record them at the studio !

And this is the reason why i need your help !


The project :

Me and my backdoor men will reach the studio next July 26th and 27th . Here is my recording crew;

Lucas Montagnier :Lead Guitar

Pascal Ammann: recording service / guitar

Arnaud Desprez: saxophone

Xavier Nikçi: contrebasse

Pascal Mucci: batterie

I gathered this dream team around me to be able to recreate this early rhythm and blues feeling that suits me the most... they swing, they groove.. they make you throw your shoes and go barefoot dancin'!

To be as authentic as possible, we will only use original recording material.. microphones, tape machines, amplifiers.. everything will fit the area. We will also record with live takes.. means we won't be fool you with computer cheat. Just like back then!

Did i say that... i need your help ?!


a little peak at the studio:

Why would you be a part of this?

To support me as an artist, as an active part of the european 50's scene, and as a friend.

To support a woman leaded band with an awesome backing band (and there is never one too many!),

Because we do everything on our own, we're passionated,and you wanna give us a chance to make it out of the usual commercial ways.

Because we like the same music, we drink the same booze, we go to the same parties, we feel music the same way and we share a common way of life and you want to be an active part of this.

because my guys drink too much, and because so do you... you feel like you gotta be a little part of that alcoholic journey.


Your help means the world for us. We cannot make it without you all. This last covid year left the whole music world flat, and we all need to do a little bit to help it grow back. We can all help each other out : let's party again !

Thank you ten thousand time for everything you can do to help us achieve this musical goal !


Allocation of funds

The project is a little bit ambitious, and the recording fees and travelling cost is too much for me only. That's the reason why i made this crowdfunding, and i propose you to be a part of it, so we can make this recording come true, all together.

►Step one: 3000€: we can record a 6 track EP.

►Step two : 6000€:  We can record the whole Album!

Here are the costs :


We 're counting on your Help !!

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