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A transversal project: combining classical music and fantastic worlds of action and adventure. 
A multi-format project: with an audio recording accompanied by videos. 
A multi-support project: with a physical CD, online videos and a universe developed on social networks.

To fight preconceived ideas about classical music and invite everyone to discover it (or re-discover it). To show how deeply rooted classical music can be in our current generations, with infinite imagination and creativity.
Our arguments: secret societies, investigations, action, adventure, supernatural creatures… all set to Handel’s very visual music.




The project revolves around a concept album, supported by the MUSO label, and composed of music taken from the works by Handel.

It presents the emotional journey of the main character, Matilda Greenwood, from joy to doubt, to then sink into sadness and pain, before letting herself be carried away by a burning anger and the thirst for revenge that accompanies it.

The videos allow us to further develop the plot, showing us, through a thrilling storyline, the origin of the character's emotions. Matilda Greenwood, Tillie to her friends, is on the surface an English upper middle-class girl; however, she leads a double life working for a Secret Society in the service of the Crown - this is how, during one of her investigations, she will meet the "Lord" ... the rest is in the videos!

Originally, the album was accompanied by a video project conceived as a trilogy, exploiting three key points of the narrative arc:
- doubt
- bitter understanding and nostalgia
- anger and revenge

Based on three key tracks from the album.
Our organization while still in its infancy has currently produced the first short film. We obviously want to expand on the project and continue the adventure as soon as possible.

While waiting to be able to realize all of our dreams, we have managed to shoot, the project teaser presenting the meeting of our main characters Matilda and The Lord and patch scenes showing the chronological evolution of their relationship up to the first episode.


Allocation of funds


Originally, this crowdfunding event was to be launched a little later in the evolution of the project, in an attempt to produce the two other short films ...
However, the socio-economic situation, between the health crisis and the decision of the European Court of Justice of September 8, 2020 ( large-scale-for-French-performers /), strongly disrupted our organization and quite simply jeopardized the very existence of the project.
Many organizations have reduced their grants and financial aid.
Some have made the decision to only support projects they already support, and others have even waived their commissions altogether.

The question then arose: should we continue the project?

    In short: YES.


Classical music is a fabulous genre!
However, an infinite and extraordinarily beautiful repertoire, as well as exceptional performers, unfortunately no longer seem to be enough to attract the public, whether it is theaters where attendance rates are constantly falling or listening on "physical" media (CD and DVD) whose sales are decreasing each year throughout the entire music industry.

The more traditional ways of music consumption, all styles combined, are gradually being replaced by digital platforms, in particular YouTube or Spotify. Yet the viewing figures for Classical Music on these platforms are not at the level of other musical genres ...

In the collective imagination, Classical Music refers to tacit codes of education, culture, privileged places, clothing, costs and, therefore, to a notion of elitism. These preconceived ideas and prejudices vis-à-vis Classical Music are a sad reality that we are no longer allowed to ignore, if we do not want to see an entire musical genre wither and die out for lack of general interest of the public, which turns to “easier” or more publicized genres.

Classical Music is, however, a musical genre that can be listened to and appreciated like any other since it is based, like others, on emotion. You don't have to be a connoisseur or "fan" to appreciate it.

Omnipresent in cinematographic works or advertising, Classical Music is often a source of wonder on the part of the public, without the latter not suspecting that he has just listened to Mozart or an opera extract by Puccini.
Today it is necessary to address ourselves to audiences not acquired to the genre, on dematerialized platforms where they consume content and share it - YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… -, by reaching out to them thanks to formats that they have already assimilated.
For a long time, the Modern Music industry has invested in and produced visual aids for their music ranging from video clips to short films: a model that we want to reuse to reuse and make Classical Music appeal to a curious audience, open to spirit and therefore more likely to be interested in a musical genre to which they would not have gone spontaneously.
This implies investing to defend the classical genre at the same level as Modern Music, both artistically, technically and financially.
This can be achieved by being present and by offering forms appreciated by the users of these platforms.



Unlike music halls admissions, cinema admissions have steadily increased in recent years, with a preference for adventure films, closely followed by action films and all imagination genres (science fiction, fantasy, fantasy, retro-futurism, etc ...), the top 15 of the biggest box office successes of the year 2019 has no less than 12 films belonging to this last genre.
Unfortunately, the cinema does not always help the image of Classical Music, opera in particular, reinforcing to the caricature that it is music for the elderly, wealthy and often narrow-minded  Machiavellian see as even diabolical… But precisely! Why not go against the grain?  Let’s use the preconceived notion to restore a balance, or even reverse it?
Isn't an opera a story with a unity of time, dialogues, unity of places, identities and psychologies of characters passing through their physical aspect and their clothing peculiarities, just like in a film? The solution would, therefore, be to combine the codes of Opera with those of modern music and those of cinema to create a hybrid, original and more attractive form.
Why did we choose the Handelian repertoire, when so many repertoires are better known and potentially more recognizable to inexperienced ears? Handel's music is extremely graphic and dramaturgical in its writing as much as in its instrumentation, further enhancing Classical Music's natural evocative capacity, as well as its layering on a cinematic format.

This project was born from the intuition that the use of these transversal formats could pique the interest of these new audiences to come see live musical performances of excellence in the form of the Opera but having a more "spectacular" form that can serve as a springboard to discover longer works in their entirety.

Our goal is to actively participate in the revitalization of the economic segment of Classical Music as well as to re-anchor it in our daily lives.
But for that, one has to invest.

And we believe so much in this project and its usefulness in our current cultural landscape that we decided to take out a loan to carry it out!

And this is where this collection, in the form of pre-sale of autographed CDs, but also with other great rewards - such as the Limited Edition, Numbered and Autographed Collector's Edition - will help us.

Because as you can imagine, producing an album has a cost, just like producing a short film...

Part of the project costs have already been assumed:
By our producer and creator of the project, Héloïse Mas,
By our early sponsor Le Château Ducru-Beaucaillou,
Through ADAMI, our institutional support since the beginning of the Anachronistic Hearts, accompanying us through thick and thin: THANK YOU!

Half of the project's costs are already funded:
- CD recording and mastering: € 27,350
- production of the teaser and the patch scenes: € 11,121
- production of communication media: € 5,600
- the purchase of promotional space: € 6,900
- press officer costs (salary and expenses): € 3,300
- part of the team's travel costs and overnight stays: € 5,000



What is left :

FIRST STEP € 18,200

- CD pressing: € 10,080
- Production of the numbered collector's limited edition copper Pantone: € 5,000

To which must be added the expenses related to the campaign itself:
Counterpart funding (around 9%): € 1,638
KissKissBankBank commission (8%) which amounts to: € 1,456


Costs related to the short film distributed in 3 levels

SECOND STEP € 18,200

- Artists’ salaries: production, direction, image, sound, performers: € 9,431
- Associated social contributions: € 5,621

To which must be added the expenses related to the campaign itself:
Counterpart funding (around 9%): € 1,638 
KissKissBankBank commission (6%) which amounts to: € 1456

THIRD STEP € 15,500

- Flat-rate salaries: € 12,040
- Travel and overnight stay for the team remaining after sponsorship: € 70
- Insurance and financial costs: 750 €

To which must be added the expenses related to the campaign itself:
Counterpart funding (around 9%): € 1,395
KissKissBankBank commission (8%) which amounts to: € 1,240

FOURTH STEP  € 9,750 

- Filming and post-production resources: equipment rental of shots and sound, editing station, graphics, colour grading, mixing, sets, accessories and costumes: € 8,108

To which must be added the expenses related to the campaign itself:
Counterpart funding (around 9%): € 877.5
KissKissBankBank commission which amounts to: € 780



The money will be donated in full to the association in Matters of the Hearts (Siret: 882 419 096 00012), the producer of the project.
This association is based in Lyon, city of cinema
The chairmanship is ensured by Benoit Gonssollin, creator and manager of the company Elite coaching as well as of the Last Round room in Lyon.
The treasurer is Marie Thiriat, pediatrician.

The first being a fan of action films and the other of the imaginary worlds, both in love with music and cinema, they immediately saw the potential of a project such as Anachronistic Hearts and wanted to create a structure capable of defending it.

Strong with their different experiences, they became the founding members of In Matters of the Hearts, as President and Treasurer of the structure.


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