Anthony Galinier enregistre son 3ème cd !!!

For his third CD, help Anthony Galinier to create a new heteroclite album that will take you to new horizons.

Project visual Anthony Galinier enregistre son 3ème cd !!!
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Anthony Galinier enregistre son 3ème cd !!!

With the success of his first two CDs, Anthony Galinier returns with a third CD.



For this third opus, I intend to break the established codes to offer you different pieces with different styles and numbers, which I think will seduce a greater number. Some associations will be unpublished, which will undoubtedly give the charm and innovation of this new CD. A first recording session has already taken place at Ploemeur in the Océanis room. We have already recording :

Tenor Horn, Violin and Piano

Tenor horn quartet

Tenor horn Sextet

The rest of the recording was take place in Lyon on Sunday 20th May.

With a new associations.

A piece by Thierry Caens for Tenor horn solo, accordion, piano, drums and string quintet.



A piece by Alexis Ciesla for tenor horn solo and clarinets octet.




The release of the CD will be done in September 2018 !!!


Allocation of funds

The fundraiser will fund several crucial points of this registration:  

- Research, adaptation and creation


Indeed, one of the main axes of this project is the search for new alliances and the creation or adaptation of pieces.  

- The production company

For the second time, I'm fortunate to be able to work with World of Brass, a well-known and recognized institution of production.  

World Of Brass

- The musicians  

In order to push back the codes and the barriers, I will have to appeal to musicians from various horizons.

If the collect exceeds the goal, it will allow me to organize a large-scale launch concert.  

Anthony Galinier will collect the entire collection.  


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