Anthony Galinier et le Foden's Band enregistrent un cd

Afin de me permettre de réaliser un rêve, enregistrer avec l'un des plus prestigieux brass band, j'ai besoin de votre aide. Soutenez moi !!!

Project visual Anthony Galinier et le Foden's Band enregistrent un cd
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Anthony Galinier et le Foden's Band enregistrent un cd

Following my first CD’s great success, my new challenge will be in the UK, the home of brass band, where I will record with Foden’s.



I will be the first French Tenor Horn Soloist to record a full cd with one of the world's leading brass bands.




I have has also enlisted the help of the award winning World Of Brass to record the cd.


I am looking forward to travelling to England to work with the Foden's Band who I first met in 2014 when I was asked to adjudicate their annual Solo Contest.




The cd will feature a number of exciting new compositions from leading composers including:


- a new work from Dr Meechan which will also feature Mark Wilkinson and Dave Thornton



-a new piece from Jonny Bates and Benjamin Richeton


-creations from Nicolas Chatenet, Jean-Philippe Ichard, Jean-Jacques Charles, Thierry Caens and, Franck Zabel


-a new arrangement from Makoto Sekiya and a solo with Thomas Pesquet



Speaking on behalf of Foden's Mark Wilkinson commented “Foden's are looking forward to working with Anthony on the forthcoming recording project. Anthony is highly regarded as one of the leading Tenor Horn players.”


Anthony was born 29 May 1984 in Ploermeur (56). He started trumpet at Lorient local conservatory where he graduated in musical studies in 2003. He then studied in Angers Regional Conservatory and passed his DEM (diploma of musical studies). He then won a Prix de perfectionnement (professional development level) at the CRD of Aubervilliers La Courneuve in 2005. In 2005, he was admitted at the Conservatoire national de Musique of Lyon in Thierry Caens’ and Christian Leger’s class. He passed his Diplôme National d'étude Supérieur de Musique in 2009.

Anthony has worked with a number of symphony orchestras such as the Orchestre National d'ile de France, Orchestre d' Auvergne, Orchestre National de Lyon, Orchestre de l'Opéra de Lyon, Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse and Orchestre National de l'Opéra de Paris.

Anthony has always been fond of brass bands and has collaborated with the Brass Band of Lyon and with the Paris Brass Band.

Sharing his musical practice is very important for him: he is a teacher at the Conservatory of Limonest and has created the Académie de Cuivres et Percussions de Larmor-Plage in July 2010.

He currently plays as a Tenor Horn Soloist in Le Brass Band de la Musique de l’Air de Paris, the French Air Forces brass band.



Allocation of funds

This crowfunding will be used to finance several core elements of the recording:


-       The composition of all works: one of the main features of the project is creation and enhancement of the Tenor Horn and Brass Band repertoire (4000€)


-       The recording company: I have the great opportunity to work with the most qualified, globally reputable and emblematic institution: World of Brass (3500€)


-       The musicians: one of the most leading and award-winning brass bands


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