☂ Get Antichose's first collection of ephemeral and artistic tattoos in world exclusivity: a board of fourteen models designed by seven talented French artists is waiting for you.


The project

☞ Antichose's first collection of ephemeral artistic tattoos is composed of fourteen models designed by seven talented French artists. 

Become a Patron of this new form of art! By funding this project, you allow the printing of this first collection. To thank you, we will send you a board of the fourteen first designs, in world exclusivity (no shops will be allowed to sell them for a month after you received them) and for a preferencial price (the amount of your donation will be less than the price of the board when sold). 

♡ When Antichose will prepare the tattoo boards to send to the Patrons, we might also include bonus gifts to thank our Patrons... 

We are proud to present our selected artists for Antichose's first collection: 

☞ Manon Boulart (www.manonboulart.com)

☞ Baptiste Caccia (www.baptistecaccia.com)

☞ Edouard François (www.edouardfrancois.com)

☞ Benjamin Grafmeyer (www.benjamingrafmeyer.com)

☞ Alizé Meurisse (www.alizemeurisse.com)

☞ Lucient Murat (www.lucienmurat.com)

☞ Le studio NOCC (www.nocc.fr)

See some of the models from this first collection:

  ✍ About the tattoos  

✓ The tattoos will be of the best possible quality, so that the designs look as good on your skin as they would look in an Art Gallery.  

✓ The tattoos are good even for sensitive skin - they respect the strongest quality standards and won't irritate your skin.  

✓ The tattoos will stay on your skin between 3 and 8 days (depending on what type of clothes you're wearing but not on how often you shower, tattoos are OK with shower)!   

Why fund it?

The collected amount will be used to fund the printing of the boards!

What will happen next?

☑  Patrons will receive their board(s), and if they're in Paris they'll be invited to celebrate the launch of the first collection with us at a cool cocktail party. All patrons can send us the pictures of the tattoos they'll be wearing, and we'll compile them online in The Everywhere Gallery.

☑ The shops we picked to distribute the collection will then be allowed to sell the boards.

☑ Antichose will keep on working in the next collections... three are already in progress, with very talented artists! A new collection will be presented every three months. 




✄ ANTICHOSE travaille avec des artistes talentueux pour éditer des collections originales de tatouages éphémères. Pour nous contacter : camille@antichose.com ✄ ANTICHOSE works with supertalented artists to bring you beautiful collections of ephemeral tattoos. Join the artistically and ephemerally tattooed community! To contact us: camille@antichose.com

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