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"Hero of the day" pack: A huge THANK YOU! Your name will be published on our Facebook page as a contributor.

Estimated delivery: November 2017


"Visitor" pack: you will gain advance access to information about each stage of the app's development after the crowdfunding campaign + "Hero of the day" pack

Estimated delivery: January 2018


"Discoverer" pack: You will gain access to a video of a recipe gleaned from one of our previous trips (12/2017), and advance access to the final version of the app + "Visitor" pack

Estimated delivery: December 2017


"Explorer" pack: We will send you a postcard during our next trip + "Adventurer" pack

Estimated delivery: March 2018


"Navigator" pack: A small toiletry bag designed to be allowed in an aircraft cabin! + "Explorer" pack


"Alien" pack: We will invite you to meet our team (transportation, accommodation and other associated costs not included) + "Astronaut" pack

Estimated delivery: May 2018

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