"Learning to count" is an interactive documentary following youngsters that decide how to spend public money for their school or their city in Europe. They are learning for a year by practicing democracy.


The project

Financial crisis, the cuts are being made everwhere. But where is democracy? Who could decide about those cuts?


Ordinary people should be involved in deciding how our money should be spent. That's what participatory budgeting is all about.


This transmedia project will focus on youth participatory budgeting after many years in Europe, because it's interesting to see how democratic processes could happen with people without specific degree.


How do they consider this new share of power ? Are they convinced by the approach ? How easy it is when they set priorities for a budget? How do they define the best projects ? What will happen to the winners and to the loosers ?


Where ?


The cases will be in France (Poitou-Charentes, Nord-Pas-de-Calais), Portugal (Condeixa, São Brás de Alportel, Trofa)  and we hope in the United Kingdom (Berkhamsted).





Why an interactive documentary ?


Learning how to decide and how to have a say in local politics could start at a very early stage. How the youngsters will deal with the rule of majority ?


This movie will be crowdsourced by the young participants and we will run workshops in order to foster this kind of open source journalism. We mean open source journalism because we want to use open source softwares like the powerful Popcorn. Open source means that we use creative commons. Anyone would be allowed to remix the contents we produce.




March-May 2013 : First shootings in France, in Portugal and in the UK + organization of workshops with young participants about video, conducting interviews,...

June 2013 : Editing and organization of hackathon with Popcorn with developers

July 2013 : Beta version of the web native documentary

September 2013 : Youth exchange in Portugal in order to complete the interviews

October 2013 : Release of the interactive documentary

2014 : New cycle of shootings about new places, new characters



Why fund it?

In this transmedia project, our global budget is about $60 000.

With this campaign, we need to cover the first production costs : travel expenses are the main costs for 6 months (March to May, October to December): 1 500 euros for transport; 2000 euros for accommodation for the team.


We also need a decent camera to film: a camera and two batteries (2 000 euros). We need to get an insurance (150 euros).


With our research, it would be necessary to have an extra week of shooting during spring 2014 (700 euros) to see what will happen to the different projects.


For the costs of post-production, we will buy the DCP copies required by festivals  (1600 euros) for a 52min version. In addition we have the commission from KissKissBankBank (8% levied on the entire collection, 600 euros).


We will cover by ourselves the cost of developing our interactive platform in HTML5, using opensource software and fund the salary of two people in full-time equivalents (15 000 euros).


But we know that the project will have extra costs such as quality translations for the subtitles in English, French and Portuguese. That's why we intend to get the support from foundations for the second step in order to provide effective projections in festivals and to promote participatory budgeting after the summer.



After spending in 2012 a gap year in the United Kingdom and in Portugal, Gilles Pradeau wants to film what he's learnt about youth participatory budgeting. A graphic designer (Claudio Silva) and another film-maker (Pedro Marum) are part of the team.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ What is an interactive documentary ?

We will make a serie of 7-minutes movies in Creative Commons, with a nice interactive and non-linear narration.

Check klynt.net for more examples.

+ How does pledge work ?

If the film succeeds in reaching the 8550 euros goal, all Kissbankers' credit cards are charged. If the project does not reach its fundraising goal, you are automatically refunded at no cost. So please tell your friends to pledge in order to make it happen !!

Newest comments

Bravo pour ce projet d'éducation populaire, L'émancipation des peuples passe par la connaissance et notamment celle de la conscience de leur souveraineté face des experts auto-proclamés, dont la compétence ne sert qu'à réciter la leçon dominante sagement apprise, Nous apprendre à compter, c'est nous redonner confiance dans le plein exercice de nos droits civiques, sociaux et démocratiques. Ré-inventer la démocratie, ce genre de projets très innovants en est le coeur même. A soutenir sans modération !
Merci, bon courage à vous, j'ai participé à plusieurs titres au BPL en Poitou-Charentes et je suis convaincue qu'il faut multiplier ce genre d'expériences, faire connaître, discuter, tester, améliorer... Bref, bon vent!!
De quoi faire un pas en avant... Bon courage.