Support the 2016 Sciences Po delegation to the National Model United Nations in New York City.


The project

The National Model United Nations (NMUN) is:      


• One of the oldest Model UN events bringing together over 5,000 university students in New York City to discuss current global issues.

• An educational simulation in which students take part in simulated UN committees as delegates from an assigned country.

• An opportunity to gain experience in diplomacy and international affairs.

• A chance for students to improve their skills in public speaking, critical thinking and leadership in a professional context.   


The NMUN envisions “a world comprised of civically engaged people who strive for peaceful, multi-lateral conflict resolution and equitable, sustainable human development.”


Here is a sneak-peek at what it looks like!!












Why fund it?

As you can see on the budget, the participation of the students to this project is a costly entreprise for each of them. Without your help, each student would have to pay $1,320. 




This is an extra-curricular project that we participate in, and as such, the university does not agree to fund the whole project. Driven by our enthusiasm and determination to engage and learn more about international affairs and diplomacy, we are committed to complete the funding.


However, we would be exceptionally grateful (check for yourself how grateful we are on this amazing GIF below) for any assistance to allow us to complete the funding and include all the students who are actively preparing and training for the project!




Your donations will contribute towards delegates registration and transport fees. 


If you are generous enough and want to support more our project, all donations above the €4,000 goal would help us decrease the participation cost for each of the students. 


So don't stop giving after the goal is reached if you believe in our project! 


Thank so much! 




The 2016 Delegation: • We are proud to be Sciences Po’s 15th delegation to the NMUN conference in New York City. • Previous years’ delegations set a high standard, winning awards such as the prestigious “Outstanding Delegation” award. • Our team comprises 20 Sciences Po students from 15 different countries, enrolled in a diverse... See more

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Good luck guys you're part of an amazing project and I wanted to supporrt you and help you to rich the goal before de deadline ! This is a big chance for you all. All the best.
Nice job guys
All the best guys!