Around the Golf is your directory to book and play the most beautiful golf courses in the world!

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Our online guide "Around the golf" dedicates itself to golf enthusiasts worldwide. Currently bilingual, we hope to add a variety of other languages. Around the Golf works in the most comprehensive manner possible, country by country, region by region, wherever it is possible to golf.


The one area where this guide differs from its peers is that we thought to involve a real estate option to target golfers who wish to be close to the golf course. Hence the often empirical observation that the golfer does not want to reside in a luxurious complex mostly for budgetary reasons. Our guide will present them with all different sorts of accommodation options within a short range (hotels, guest house, etc) with more affordable rates.


Unlike competing golf guides, golfers on Around the Golf will be able to book accommodations, tee times, and number of people in the group all at the same time to avoid any unnecessary delays. Our second target is a powerful sector generating a significant turnover; property development. Many worldwide developers launch individual villa projects adjacent to golf courses, which are aimed at golfers who wish to live on site. We invite these developers to include their properties on our platform!


In order to surpass our competitors, we expect to further develop an android and iPhone app that will provide all golfers with a wide variety of services. These services include a gps to signal the position of the ball on the course, nearby restaurants, golf shops, car rentals, nearby acommodations, tee time reservations and much much more.

Allocation of funds

The collected funds will be used to:


- Develop a mobile application for androids and Iphones. (development of a special app. that allows golfers to use gps on the course)


- Commercialize our guide. (marketing through press releases, videos and social media)


- Hire web developers. (developers are needed to create online booking and payment systems)


Just take a glimpse at the potential business represented by this sector. With 34000 golf courses and 100000 hotels scattered around the golf courses on five continents, the ever-growing number of golfers is becoming more democratic and we hope to bring a unique service !! Up to us to seize the opportunity!


1. Development of an application- 2,000.00 euros

2. Design and development - 3,000.00 euros

3. Budget marketing - 3,000.00 euros

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