Art Nouveau

What remains of Art Nouveau in Europe? Answer trough images from Paris to Riga via Vienna, Brussels, Nancy and five other cities.

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Art Nouveau

Today, over a century later, what remains of Art Nouveau in European cities in terms of architecture and applied arts? In Major European cities during Belle Epoque a new artistic movement is created. It takes the name of Art Nouveau in France and Belgium, Jugendstil in Germany, Austria Sezessionstil of Liberty in Italy... It is characterized by a concern for expressive lines, ornamental delicacy, and use new techniques and materials. It affects all the arts, fine and applied arts.

Cine Qua Non photographers Christine Calais, Anne-Laure Graf, Alain and Marie-Luce Kerever wish to give to the people of these cities, from Paris to Nancy, Metz, Lille through Mers-les-Bains in France, and through Vienna, Prague, Riga, London and Brussels, a new eye to look at these facades which urban people in a hurry, without taking the time to stop, these details, these interiors.

There will be texts with the pictures, written by four French women writers who have an interest in Art Nouveau.

The exhibition takes place from 29 June to 19 July at the restaurant and tea room Tea Melody (72 boulevard de Picpus Paris 75012) and includes 25 color compositions: Unique pictures, diptychs, photomontages.


Allocation of funds

The amount will be used to pay  a part of the costs, which are including color photo prints, from 18x27cm to 40x60 cm, which will be made ​​by our regular partner of our previous exhibitions, the photographer of the Natural History Museum, Photo St Hilaire, costs of communication around the exhibition, general and administrative costs, photo book of the exhibition. If the amount is exceeded, the extra will be used to partially finance the remaining costs of the exhibition.

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