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Ata Ndele


Thanks to everyone who supported us so far! Thanks to you we're almost there. Nganji (actor/writer & producer on Ata Ndele) has some more arguments for those of you who are still hesitating Click here.



The film « Ata Ndele" was born from the need to present, in a less stereotyped way, Belgian characters of foreign origin. To do this, Malkia and Nganji wrote a story of love, friendship and power struggle evolving at each stage of the characters’ lives. The main challenge was to take as a point of departure an idea that is often described as an Afro-European narrative to then being able to question a fundamentally human problem, namely: What remains of a collective ambition when it conflicts with the evolution of our private life?

« Ata Ndele » offers some answers that you will soon see on your screen.



The film crew has arrived at the current stage of production thanks to the financial, material and logistical support of friends and artists such as Noèmie Nuo, Sylvia Iweanya, Griet Minnebach, Soul T, Youri Botterham, Témé Tan, Yago Debra, Lucie Dufour, Watna Horemans.

Brussels based structures such as Green Lab, Le Space and the Pianofabriek CityLab provided some of the locations we were able to use.

And finally with the extra help of Feza Kamanzi, Uzo Madu, Patrick Kapesa, Francine Dessart, Marie-Charlotte Tatepo Ngonde, we managed to come this far.

Now we are counting on you to give us the final push this film needs



Synopsis of the short film "Ata Ndele"


Love, friendship, politics; Nila wants them all. But the space she gives to a new acquaintance will force her, sooner or later, to reassess her life.



Presentation of the film crew



Malkia Mutiri. Co-producer, co-writer, director, director of photography.

After studying at  l'Ecole Supérieure des Arts "75", Malkia does photo and video reports before making music videos, notably for singer Soul T and rapper Zwangere Guy. "Miel", Malkia's first short film receives a special mention at the KVS Film Festival System D in December 2016. "Ata Ndele" is her second short film. Find some of Malkia's work on her Vimeo profile here:




Nganji Mutiri. Co-producer, co-writer, actor.

For the past ten years, Nganji has become known for his writing, audiovisual narration and acting. After his three films got noticed as a writer-director in Egypt, Belgium and Congo, Nganji and his sister Malkia launched the collective "A brothers and sisters production". The short film "Ata Ndele" is their second independent co-production. Find out more about Nganji on




Lestine M. Kundi. Actress.

The casting process quickly indicated that Lestine was the ideal actress to play Nila, the protagonist of the short film "Ata Ndele". This is the first time that Lestine plays in front of the camera and, fortunately for us, it won't be the last time we see her on screen.




Mibulu. Actor.

More passionate about photography, Mibulu passed his screentest with Lestine and Nganji with flying colours. "Ata Ndele" is his first cinematic experience and he can't wait to pass more casting, as long as the proposed roles are not too cliché.


Allocation of funds

1 / Finalize Ata Ndele's post-production, particularly sound editing (600 euros) and subtitling (400 euros)


2 / Get a first professional digital support (500 euros) allowing a screening in a modern cinema


In case we exceed the amount requested, we will compensate the actors and the technical team efforts.


The money will be paid into my account and will only be used for this project.

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