Atelier de Gensac

Support the creation and distribution of L'Atelier de Gensac, the project of two passionate people.

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Atelier de Gensac

The genesis of the project

"L'Atelier de Gensac", the first project of "Octobre Labs", is born of love, love and complicity between a mother and her son.

It is also the fusion of two energies, the creative passion of Sophie and the creative skill of Antoine.

It arrived at the junction of two paths of life that we decided to combine our respective talents, aptitudes and passions in order to potentiate them: graphic art and web development.

At the origin of "L'Atelier de Gensac": "Octobre Labs" because we were both born in October and intend to use this bias as a laboratory, from incubator to the realization of our projects and ideas. When to "l'Atelier de Gensac": it happens in Gensac, a charming little village in Gironde between Castillon-la-Bataille and Sainte-Foy-la-Grande. This is where everything is created, in a house of the village: vineyards from Bordeaux to those of Bergerac, the banks of the Dordogne to the old stones of the bastides, we offer images of a well-loved soil and character well soaked!


But you must ask yourself: who are these two utopians?

Sophie is a graphic designer with a passion for photography and graphic art. Always a camera in hand, she captures the magic of the countryside, especially the vineyards of Bordeaux and the architectural treasures of the Aquitaine heritage. Her shots, she works and sublimates them to make unique and original works.



Antoine is a computer developer, self-taught. His various professional experiences in e-commerce, his thirst for learning and his passionate curiosity for everything related to the web have allowed him to acquire quality skills in the creation and distribution of commercial sites. His enthusiastic energy is one of the motors of the association.


Why Aquitaine in this adventure?

Sophie: "It's mainly the Gironde and Dordogne that fascinates me, even if there are also corners of the Lot-et-Garonne and Landes that are not bad either.

What connects me to this region is the children's vacation at La Réole where my grandfather was a school principal. Hot and sunny summer memories under the big scented linden trees of the school, walks along the Garonne ...

I lived in Normandy at the time, with my parents teachers. I also remember family meals during the holidays in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande with my uncles and aunts. Good food, good atmosphere ...

The walks in mythical places of the Dordogne valley with its castles, country houses, prehistoric caves and its extraordinary heritage ... These memories are an eternal source of inspiration.

It was in Gensac that I finally put down my bags. A beautiful village, a real village where people talk to each other and do together for the community.

Since I'm here, I always have my camera in the bag: there is not only human warmth in the air, there are beautiful landscapes, villages, vineyards, rivers ... Paradise ! "

Allocation of funds

Our project is for entrepreneurial purpose. We have already invested money and energy in "October Labs", tested and woven contacts with suppliers and set up a European logistics solution.

"L'Atelier de Gensac", the website created by "Octobre Labs", will aim to broadcast original images mainly on the theme of the vine and the Aquitaine soil. Digital art images in large format will also be in the catalog.

We will also offer our clients personalized orders through the use of personal photos that will be reworked to make unique works.

The e-commerce site will be put online as soon as the collection ends.

Financing details

Based on the form of pre order, the collection will allow us:

  1. to acquire our first stock of printed canvases;
  2. promote the site on various advertising media;
  3. to acquire the material for watercolor paper prints;

You do not risk anything! If not receive a quality canvas and original that will enchant the walls of your home sweet home.


  • Finally, if you give us your confidence on a larger scale, it will allow us to finance a professional printer for printing canvas images. This printer costs 15.000 €, and we have already invested 3000. All additional donations will go to the acquisition of this material.

The details of the counterparties

Some counterparties offer to choose a work from a collection. You will find details on our website:

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