Ateliers créatifs numériques pour les 7-17 ans Creative computing workshops for kids & teens

Help us make an outstanding place for our creative computing workshops for kids & teens! #education #digital #code #kids #fun #technologies

Project visual Ateliers créatifs numériques pour les 7-17 ans  Creative computing workshops for kids & teens
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Ateliers créatifs numériques pour les 7-17 ans Creative computing workshops for kids & teens




I remember a time when we already talked about digital school, the arrival of TO7 and MO5 in classrooms, BASIC lessons given by my dad on our TRS-80, pretty boring computing books in English and Super Nova games... in short, another age!


Since then, the progress in technology, Internet and new technologies invaded our households, which led to new usages and the birth of a new generation, ultra connected, communicative, collaborative and creative: the "digital natives". 


Today, mom of a 12 year-old boy, I can only note that, although computers, tablets, smartphones are part of their everyday life, those young technophiles often remain very passive in front of new technologies, even though their mastering and coding will be essential for their future.


Tech Kids Academy is designed to get our kids be more active in front of computers, be creative and innovative with new technologies and pass on to them the desire to learn in a fun way, enabling them to live by their passion!





Tech Kids Academy offers creative computing workshops for kids and teens aged 7 to 17.




Tech Kids Academy wishes to:

•       Offer an alternative solution on the after-school programs market and fill in the gap of education in the digital (school, books, tutorials etc.): explore, imagine, create and innovate with computers will be as easy as child's play! 

•       Prepare our kids' future by passing on to them the digital skills they will need, through an entertaining learning approach and helping them with their personal projects.

•       Animate a community of technology enthusiasts, eager to learn: led by our instructors and experts, kids will be able to reveal all their talents!

•       Create a place dedicated to new technologies where kids and teens will be able to work together, create, exchange, share their experience and evolve in confidence, in a fun and friendly environment.





Tech Kids Academy wants to do more than just teach kids how to code!


Our creative computing workshops will cover the following topics:

·      Programming: logic and languages ;

·      Design and making of video games ;

·      2D/3D design and animation, 3D printing ;

·      Design, photo retouching & editing ;

·      Video editing, stop motion, slow motion ;

·      Electronics, Computer Assisted Music etc.


In a collaborative environment, kids will be able to evolve in confidence. Our instructors will help them in the design and development of their projects, using an entertaining learning approach tailored for kids, and favoring open source tools, allowing them to continue the experience at home.


We would like to pass on to them our passion for computer science and new technologies, our expertise of tools and our know-how... but also show them that we can be creative and innovative while having fun.



Programming: interactive storytelling, game and animation


Logo_scratchScratch, a free software designed for kids aged 8 and up, helps young people learn to think creatively, design and code their own interactive stories, games and animations, through a very simple visual interface. It gives an approach of programming basic concepts (loop, variable, control, condition) and allows to manipulate objects, sounds and videos. 



Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten at the MIT Media Lab, learn more:


We will also be among the first to use Gleamcode, a game to learn kids how to code.



Animation: stop motion movie



Stop motion is a technique of animation image by image, similar to that of cartoon, enabling static objects look like they're in motion. A scenery composed of objects is shot at regular intervals. Between each picture, we slightly move the objects to then create the illusion of motion. Kids can easily produce short animation movies, especially with Lego (brick films).



Electronics and programming with Arduino (12+)



TinkerBots electronic robots building sets, learn more:


Arduino is an open source platform based on a printed circuit card integrating a micro controller that can be programmed to interact with captors (humidity, heat, light etc.) and other components (LED, mic, switch, motor, LCD screen etc.). It helps learn the basics of electronics, programming and robotics. The younger ones can code with Scratch visual interface.





3D objects design and printing 


Having fun designing 3D objects with Sketchup and print them with a 3D printer!


Photo of MakerBot 3D printer, Creative commons 2.0





Our workshops are open to all kids aged 7 to 17: we welcome all the little curious, technology enthusiasts, budding inventors, fanatics of photo & video, geeks, electronics makers, gamers, young artists, musicians to be, and all the "I'm bored" and other "Don't know what to do"... in short, all those who are eager to experiment, exchange, create, learn and above all have fun with new technologies!





In order to meet everyone's needs, we have designed two types of options:


-       Our passes, valid for one or more entries, offer the most flexible option, perfect to occasionally participate to our workshops all year-round. Our daily passes are valid for kids aged 7 to 17, members of the same family and can benefit friends & other family members.



-       Our annual subscription package, offers the most economic deal and the best option to make the most of our workshops, make personal projects and achieve new skills, all along school year. The nominative subscription is valid for one person, who's entitled to exceptional benefits and special discounts.


The academy will be open everyday after-school and on Wednesdays all-day and possibly on Saturdays depending on the number of subscriptions. Members will be able to either participe to our scheduled workshops or directly work on their personal projects with the guidance of our instructors.


So we just let kids come when they want and learn what they want! We trust our educational and entertaining approach to give them the master keys to their future and enable them to reveal all their talents.


We will also organize camps during school holidays and special events, like birthday parties.







Alexandra BERNARD - Founder & CEO


Computer science enthusiast since my early age, my career led me to different positions in IT companies and communication agencies, working as a consultant for customers concerned by their digital transformation. With over 15 years experience in web marketing, project management, consulting in strategy of communication, and the design and production of digital platforms, I now wish my skills and expertise in new technologies to benefit our kids' future.

#education #digital #code #kids



Tony BASSETTE - Co-founder & CTO


Co-founder of the association for the promotion and defense of free software (April), I've been working almost 20 years in IT companies, as a system administrator, project manager and software architect for major account customers. I am a real Swiss army knife in free software and computer science savvy in multi subjects (administration, programming, music, design...). I have this belief that knowledge should be shared to a large extend and would like the young people to benefit from them and use them in their future projects.

#logiciellibre#share #tech #community


A skilled and complementary team, that we will develop as soon as possible!







Tech Kids Academy will soon open a unique place dedicated to new technologies and young people

This working space will also be a living place, where kids will be able to create and share their experience, in a fun atmosphere. A remarkable place, between a computer science club, a community centre and a FabLab, where kids would reveal all their talents!


We would like this space to have the state-of-the-art technologies, enabling kids to develop their proficiencies with the very latest hardware and software available.




We are currently looking for a place to open our first academy, in Paris or in the suburbs, to ideally launch our activity at the next start of school year. In the meantime, if you're interested in hosting our workshops in your premises, you can contact us at


Help us equip, arrange and decorate this place to make it an outstanding experience for kids & teens!

Allocation of funds

We need your help to equip and arrange our future place, especially to buy computer hardware (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, printers), hi-tech devices (screens, cameras, camcorders) and other electronic materials like Arduino kits, and everything that will enable kids to learn in good conditions.




Don't forget to share this crowdfunding campaign with the greatest number of people, family, friends, neighbors and co-workers... it's free and it maximizes our chance to reach our goal!


Thank you & credits: we would like to thank José Da Silva for the making of our video trailer and give a special thank you to Michael Hickox for allowing us to use his great Lego stop motion animation.



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