Athènes 2015

Finance a photo project about daily life in the middle class in Athenes, Grece.

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Athènes 2015


Detailed presentation of the project 


While a humanitarian crises is currently affecting Greece, I have decided to immerse myself in the Greek society through three middle class families and to realise a photographical work on today’s daily life in Athens, more than a hundred days after Syriza’s election. 

In a time where 180 000 small and medium sizes businesses have been shut down since 2010, while 60% of the youth is unemployed, families tend to concentrate and live in the same shelter due to shrinking financial means. 

How can one pay the loan of an apartment bought at a time where banks were lending at unbeatable rates; how can one access health services after the loss of employment and therefore of medical insurance…



In the light of this humanitarian crises, Bruxelles has just granted Greece with an exceptional aid fund of 2 billion euros. What will be the outcomes of the latter on daily life? During 3 weeks, before this summer, I will be living in Athens.





I will follow, amongst others, Helene, Costas and their 3 children. Along 180 000 SMBs since the crises began, Costas has had to shut down his aluminium business. He has since, thanks to relatives and friends’ support, been able to open a tavern in the Neos Cosmos neighbourhood of Athens. He does not earn a living for now, his wife works alongside him, and he faces on a daily basis pressure from creditors. His house is split into three different levels and is shared with his parents, his brother and his own family.




I will follow two other families as well.


An exhibition will take place in Paris at Le Point Ephemere, in September 2015.


Point_eph_m_re-1427301392Le Point Ephémère




Allocation of funds

My total budget is 2000€ for 3 weeks. Including flight tickets, accommodation,food, moving in Athenes. Plus Kisskissbankbank's participation.


Flight ticket : 370 €



Transports taxis, buses, trams : 130 €

Meals 20 euros/jday : 500 €

Others 100 euros

Kisskissbankbank / 150 € 


If more than 2000 € are collected, it will be used to finance the prints for the exhibition in Point EPhémère in Paris. Otherwise, if the goal is not reached, Evry Kisskissbanker will be repaid.



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